1byone 4000DPI Programmable Wired USB Gaming Mouse

Model: 509UK-0001   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 13.99   13.99
  • 8 Programmable Buttons - Through the software provided ,included on CD, you can customize 8 buttons (scroll up and down included) with various built-in programs, or you can choose to edit new macros or shortcuts, thus giving you a great level of customization for your gaming.
  • Customizable DPI - 5 adjustable DPI (1000/1750/2500/3500/4000) allows your easily shift from 1000-4000 with the DPI button. You can also customize the DPI to a specific value to get a higher operating precision and sensibility. (FPS 4500)
  • Great Hand Feel - Aesthetic and ergonomic mouse shape can bring you a perfect hand feeling for your gaming experience; the palm rest increases the comfort of your hand so that you can have a longer gaming enjoyment, especially during the most fierce battles
  • Easy-to-Use Driver - Concise and easy-to-use setting interface, you can customize the sensibility, polling rate and the color of the LED easily. Up to 5 customized macro profiles for your instant save and load.
  • Warranty - We provide 1 year guarantee for our gaming mouse. Compatibility - Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Mac OSX
High Precision and Customization

This 1byone programmable gaming mouse features high operation precision and user customization. With a simple setup and customization, the mouse can offer various functions for different types of gamers. Customizing up to 5 user profiles, polling rate, DPI, and button functions will lend you a hand on gaming operation, for example, rapid sniping for FPS or fast formation for your RTS games. With macros you need less command to send more instructions to help you win your battle.

The backlit color design allows gamers the ability to know what DPI setting is use by just a glance at the mouse (one DPI setting corresponds to one light). There are two types of light styles for you to choose - full light style and breathing light one, you can set it in the setting interface. If you don't like the light, you can switch it off. The switch is in the bottom of the mouse.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design fits comfortably in the grasp of both fingertip and claw gripping, guiding each finger for a relaxed gaming experience. A forward and a backward button are included on the left side of the mouse for IE operation (you can customize them). The DPI button below the scroll makes DPI shifting effortless.

Package includes:

1 X Gaming Mouse
1 X User Manual
1 X CD Driver


Input: 5V 100mA
DPI: 5 Adjustable DPI (1000/1750/2500/3500/4000)
Cable length: 1.6m/5.25ft
Mouse weight:0.135kg/0.298lb
Mouse size: 123*82.6*37mm
Package size: 150*115*50mm


If your PC does not have a CD-ROM or the CD driver does not work in your computer, you can contact us to get the software version of the driver.
Ratty 10/02/2016
Excellent value and very good product!!

Got this for my son, a fraction of the price of the previous one he used which looked to be an exact copy in a different colour. Very very happy with it. It used his existing driver too so no driver download needed. Smooth, feels nice in the hand, good even movements with no jerks or dragging. Good for every day use, excellent for gaming.

P Robbins 09/30/2016
Fantastic gaming mouse, excellent value

I bought the 1byone 4000dpi wired mouse to replace my Mad Catz R.A.T.7 Gaming Mouse which had broken. As my Mad Catz R.A.T.7 cost me £60 and the 1byone mouse only costs £11.99 I was worried that it would be rubbish but with it’s 5 star rating and 120 reviews I thought I have to give it a try.

The mouse is actually very good, the build quality is excellent and the has a lovely coating that after a few hours use my hands didn’t sweat and I didn’t get hand cramps that I do from some mice. The mouse also has a light function (which can be turned on or off on the bottom), this light lights up the bottom and a logo on the top, but it also has another function which I will explain in a moment.

This is a 4000dpi mouse, which means how sensitive the mouse is. The higher a mouse's DPI, the farther the cursor on your screen will move when you move the mouse. A mouse with a higher DPI setting detects and reacts to smaller movements. A higher DPI isn't always better. Let’s say you are playing a first person shooter like Call of Duty or Battlefield then a high dpi is good because it means that you can turn around very fast at shoot at enemy behind you. But with that same high dpi it means it is very hard to get a stable target as the slightest movement makes your crosshairs leave the target. That’s where variable dpi comes in, the mouse has 5 different dpi settings (1000/1750/2500/3500/4000), they are activated simply by pressing a single button on the mouse a cycling through them. Each setting also changes the colour of the mouse light so you know what dpi setting you are using. With this variable dpi function you can get a finer control. Say you’re a sniper in Battlefield and you are zoomed into your scope, you can slow down the dpi so when you move your mouse you crosshairs move very slowly. Also if you’re using photoshop and are doing very delicate art work and need to use small brush strokes you can slow the mouse cursor right down to do the work. You can actually adjust the each dpi preset to as low as 25dpi.

The control of this mouse is fantastic, when I was using it for photoshop work it actually performed better than my Mad Catz mouse.

The only gripe I have with the mouse is very light and it took a bit of getting used to. I think a bit of a weight inside would help to get a better feeling of control but after saying that for the price is is an amazing mouse.

This mouse well and truly deserves 5 stars.

If you feel as though I have given an unbiased review please press the Yes button below and if you have a question or comment please don’t hesitate to contact email me through my profile page.

If you would like to read any more of my reviews please click my name and take a look.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

Please note I was lucky enough to receive this product at a reduced rate for an unbiased review. This in no way influences my views of the product and the opinions are my own after using the product.

Kkrc321 09/23/2016

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I purchased this for my son who is an obsessive gamer he loves all his gadgets and when I saw this I thought it would be perfect for him. It looked great and was such a reasonably priced mouse.
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it arrived really quickly and was well packaged. It comes in a eye catching branded box upon opening the box to check the context I was immediately shock by the quality of the mouse it felt very steady and very comfy able in hand. It was like it was perfectly made to fit into my hand I was very impressed with this. The mouse has a few buttons on there and a DPI which is how you change the light colours. To turn on the mouse there is an on/off button which can be found on the underside of the mouse. I didn't know this and was going to send it back as I thought it was broken but that's what you get for thinking you know it all! Inside there is an instruction manual and the mouse.the mouse comes with a attached cable but it is the rope cable which I love as this is so strong it is very unlikely to break and makes the cable so much stronger. There are lots of different colour backlights which I think is amazing and you are also able to change the mode and colours.using DPI button.
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I gave this to my son to use whilst playing his games and he said at he thinks it's spot on its very précis and when he clicks there's no lag or misclicks. He said that on those intense moment and your hands start to sweat he thought his hand would slip as he has previously experienced but this wasn't the case he said it was like my heads weren't able to slip off. I recieved this at a discount in return for an honest review. Overall I'm. Very happy and impressed and so is my son he said its up there with the best and he was very greatful of it.
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High Precision and Customization

This 1byone Programmable Gaming Mouse features high operational precision and customization. With a simple setup, this mouse offers various functions for different types of gamers. Customize up to 5 user profiles with different polling rates, DPI, and button functions tolend you a hand for any gaming situation, such as rapid sniping for FPS or fast formation for your RTS games. With macros, do more with less to help you win your battle with ease.

LED Backlit

The backlit color design allows gamers the ability to know immediately by a glance what DPI is set (one DPI setting corresponds to one light color). Choose full, solid lightor breathing light, from the settings interface. You can also switch the backlit color off completely.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design fits comfortably in the grasp of both a fingertip and claw grip, guiding each finger for a relaxinggaming experience. Customizable forward and a backward buttons are included on the left side of the mouse for IE operation. The DPI button situated below the scroll wheel makes DPI shifting effortless.


1 x Gaming Mouse
1 x User Manual
1 x CD Driver


Input: 5V 100mA
DPI: 5 Adjustable Settings (1000/1750/2500/3500/4000)
Cable length: 5.25ft/1.6m
Mouse weight:0.298lb/0.135kg
Mouse size: 4.8*3.3*1.5in (123*82.6*37mm)
5.9*4.5*2in (150*115*50mm)

Hedgehog 09/20/2016
and a good mouse is really essential for my work

I spend a lot of time at work at a computer, and a good mouse is really essential for my work, so when I am home I would like a quality mouse for gaming as well, but my old mouse there would sometimes skip or drag which would really bug me lots. So I order this.

It arrived in good time (thank you amazon), and it arrived simply packaged, and inside it is the mouse (obviously), the instruction manual, and a mini CD driver disk (which I thought was strange and very old school as it is a wired USB mouse and it found the drivers for me by just plugging it in).
When opening the box, the first thing that stood out is the eye-catching design. The cable is a copper braided cable which is blue in colour and stops the cable from snapping and adds to the design of it (almost more than the standard rubbery black cable you get). And having the cable provides much more reliability than you would find with a wireless mouse.

The mouse has on it 8 programmable buttons which are situated on different parts of the mouse, and are customizable to your needs and become like short cut commands you have on the keyboard, which is really good if you are using the same functions over and over again (like in a game or programming).

Overall, a really good product.

I received this product at a discounted price or for free in return for an honest review. Having said that I will give my honest review of the product, good or bad.

If I find any faults or reactions with the product after using over a long period of time I have no hesitation in editing my review to state any possible changes that occur.

egle 09/15/2016
it's actually superior to the gaming mouse I currently use

Granted, I've not used it for very long (literally 10 minutes at most), but I'm actually impressed with it, as I would say that in most regards, it's actually superior to the gaming mouse I currently use! It feels good in the hand, the control panel is intuitive, it comes with a substantial manual (for different languages, but even then it has a lot of info for one language). and the "wings" of the mouse actually feel better than my current one, given that resting my hand on it feels a lot nicer, especially as my entire hand remains on the mouse, with a little more space for my little finger as well. Additionally, the feel of the body of the mouse is smooth and non-plasticky, plus the wings have a texture to them that make me feel that this couldn't slip out of my hand that easily!

It's practically on-par with features compared to my GXT 25 gaming mouse, apart from the lack of a double-click button (although I never really used it anyway), but the way that it changes colour depending on the DPI (plus the DPI levels, and the colours of those levels can be changed too), plus the light can be turned off too, in order to save power, or if you're using it in the dark. The fact that it can be customised with 5 different colours, and it being purely black, apart from a few splashes of silver on the wheel, and the buttons on the side means that it can be customised to match your rig, if you so desire. You can also choose if the light stays solid, or if it "breathes", plus even if you turn the mouse off, change the DPI settings, then turn it on, it matches the colour of the setting it's on. You can also turn off the light in the panel, if you so desire.

Honestly, I can't believe I was converted to a mouse that quickly... I'll definitely be using this as my new main mouse from now on, because it feels a lot nicer in my hand, and has a much more pleasing texture. In any case, this is well worth the £12.99 price tag, especially as I'm sure that other quality gaming mouses cost more! My GX 25 is still a good mouse, but now I've honestly been converted over to this one, to the extent it feels like an upgrade! Of course, the only catch is, the control panel is not compatible with Linux, though the standard features of the mouse itself will work fine with it, I'm sure. Of course, manufacturers have yet to wake up to providing this sort of control panel software to an OS other than Windows.

Note: I'll be adding some pictures of the box, the mouse itself, and it compared to my GX 25 in the future, but other than that, my review is pretty much complete.

Disclaimer: I received this item at a substantial discount in exchange for a fair and unbiased view. Despite this, I still think it's well worth its current price, though I will say that this discount did enable me to try something different, and I'm glad that I did!

Colin Ellis & Michelle Ellis 09/14/2016
Excellent value for money!!

This product was received well packaged and the day after purchase as promised at the time of ordering.

In The Box:
Gaming mouse
CD Driver
Instruction leaflet.

Mouse functioning:
Adjustable DPI 1000/1750/2500/3500/4000.
• 8 programmable buttons and mouse wheel
• fully customisable software
• 7 colour light options - full, solid or breathing
• Compatible system:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/mac however, the side forward and backward buttons do not work on mac
• This mouse is plug & play so there for is very easy to set up.
• The cable is braided and is well built with reinforcement at the mouse end to prevent it from fraying.
• The Build-in memory storage chips memorises your personal settings while powered off and has a permanent memory.
• Ergonomic design, internally and externally, to create the ultimate game concept.

Easy to restore factory settings by pressing and holding both mouse buttons for 2 seconds.

I love this mouse and the selling point for me is the level of customisation that is available making this a very diverse mouse indeed.

When writing a review I try to consider what I would like to know before purchasing an item online and this is what I base my reviews on. I hope you have found my review helpful in helping you to decide whether to buy this product.


Disclaimer: I purchased this item at a reduced rate in return for an honest, unbiased review.

JurBur 09/14/2016
if you're looking for a good entry level mouse into hard core gaming this mouse ...

I have a lot of experience with gaming mice both expensive brands and off brand ones and I have to say this mouse definitely brings some competition to the Razer gaming mice market. As far as affordability goes, if you're looking for a good entry level mouse into hard core gaming this mouse will not break your bank and it's worth the price they're offering.

The overall ergonomics of the mouse feel great in my hand, it sits very naturally and the added shelf for your thumb to rest ensures that it will not be dragging on the table when you move it. The braided cable that comes with the mouse also increases the durability of the mouse and helps to make it glide along the desk without getting snagged, I have seen this often on higher end gaming mice and its a very nice feature.

The mouse also comes equipped with soft plastic pads on the base which allows the mouse to glide softly across any surface without a mouse pad. This is a must if you want extreme precision and I really appreciate it's addition to the mouse.

The mouse comes with a whole host of features with the included software, including changing sensitivity, double click speed, scroll speed, LED Color, rebinding buttons and even setting the polling rate. They give you six colors for color changing the back symbol including setting the breathing rate or constant on, and the overall brightness. The extra colors are a fun bonus to the mouse and will help you coordinate the mouse color with your other gaming set up, or just change it to your favorite color.

The DPI (Dots Per Inch) of 4000 is pretty good for the price, I normally run a higher DPI of 8000 but for casual gaming it works just fine, even for shooters. The addition of the DPI switch is great for quick switching in gaming, it really comes in handy when you are attempting to zero in on a target in a first person shooter through a scope, however there is one downside to it. I wish there was more of an indicator to which DPI level I am on. Sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference between the level 4 and 5 DPI switch because I can't see the light so I am not sure if I'm on the max level and I then end up cycling through the mouse DPI level again. This results in me keeping my DPI set to max most of the time just so I don't have to deal with at inconvenience. I think the addition of an LED indicator somewhere on the mouse to tell me which DPI level I am on would be an ideal improvement.

As far as the buttons and switches on the mouse go, the left and right click feel very good. They are sensitive enough to get double clicks but firm enough not to click when you don't want to. They remind me very much of the razer death adder in their feel. The mouse wheel is also easy to use, however I think it might be a bit too high for it to feel natural, though I am used to more low profile scroll wheels. The texture on the scroll wheel makes for easy scrolling without scrolling too fast or too slow.

The side buttons on the mouse however are a little disappointing, they feel a little too spongy for my liking. When I press down the side buttons the click engages early and the button itself keeps traveling into the mouse creating a spongy feeling. They have a long reset and if you use them for voice programs like I do as a push to talk button it can be a bit finicky and result in releasing the button too early or pressing it down too late. If it could be changed I would recommend a shorter reset and a more tactile click with a hard stop.

V 09/13/2016

This mouse redefined the ergonomics for the hand. It's made extremely well. It's light weight, 6 button mouse, that are programmable. There is one button at the bottom through which you could override the LED light setting.

The buttons are:
- Left click
- Right click
- Scroll wheel & Middle click
- Page Forward & Back
- DPI Cycle - 5 sensitivity options

I prefer a DPI + / - because that allows for a greater control instead of having to cycle through all the options.

Before receiving this mouse, I was concerned about the spacing between the left & right click. In past, I have never liked this design, with this much gap in the middle. Always felt uncomfortable. But the execution here is neat & I felt no issues in using them. The buttons don't feel far apart & work as expected.

The texture up top is rubber coated smooth matte. On either side, the grip is excellent. It is difficult to describe the material, but its just is more resistive & offers a lot of grips. This is one of the first gaming mice that I can pick up without slipping or without having to grip hard while moving to change the position.

It glides smoothly on the mouse pad. The braided cable is long, strong & thick. The USB port has grip & size for easy plug in/ pull out.

In the box:
- Mouse
- CD driver
- Thick user manual with multiple languages

For the software, I looked up to the 1byone website to download. The mouse works perfectly fine without any software installation, but you need it to be able to program & use It effectively.

The software allows you to create multiple profiles and switch between them as required. You can control LED light setting - color, breathing, cycle etc. The DPI settings, mouse scroll wheel, double-click' speeds can all be modified there.

The mouse is precise & a pleasure to use. I can nothing but recommend this.

Having been given a discount on my purchase, for other buyers, I want to be able to answer the question - "Will I pay full price for this?" - Yes.

If you made it till the end, I hope the read was worth your time.
Disclaimer: This product was provided by the seller for free or at a discounted rate for review. My review & ratings are independent of the seller and only basis my expectations & experience with the product.

Kinstray 09/13/2016
I'm absolutely blown away by this product!

First of all I should declare that I am a total technophile! I love computing, programming, phones, tablets and hexacopters. This technology is right up my street.

The first thing is that this comes in a standard recyclable Amazon container. The retail packaging is a very stylish black and red box. There is a short description of some of the features on the back:

- Long button lifetime
- Adjustable DPI
- Includes Driver
- 1.6 Meter Cable

That's just the start!!!

Inside the retail packaging are 3 items: the mouse, software mini CD and a multi lingual manual. The mouse is loosely wrapped in a plastic bag, and there is a sandwich bag tie around the cable.

The manual explains that you can get this up and running fairly easily by simply plugging it in to your computer, however you will want to install the software one way or another to program your mouse. The rest of the 12 English pages basically tell you how to operate the software, but it's fairly self explanatory.

I found myself having to try and find an external optical drive, as I replaced my laptop's drive with an SSD. However! Do not fear! The supplier has a very comprehensive website that you can download the driver from, to save you the grief, or if you loose the disk.

The mouse is something special! Firstly it illuminates several colours that are configurable in the software. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Cyan (Light Blue). You can also choose a effect mode, where the chosen colour 'breaths' off and on. The mouse is covered in several materials. The side are a rough texture, so that it stops it from slipping in your grip. The top and mouse buttons are a rubber material and the bits in between are smooth plastic. The wheel is plastic coated rubber to help with grip. The wheel itself takes the same colour illumination as the rest of the mouse.

There are several extra buttons on the mouse that you would not normally see and are configurable also. There is a browser forward and back buttons, and a DPI button. The DPI button shifts between configurable modes which dictates how fast the pointer moves in relation to the mouse. Meaning you can have it slow and precise or fast moving for games. I settled on the 2nd slowest preset for doing my review here.

There is an on and off switch residing on the bottom of the mouse. This allows you to turn off the illumination - this is a good design feature if it keeps you awake at night!

All of the button are customisable in the software, which is ideal for assigning game actions to the buttons. Even the DPI button can be assigned to open software or run a macro (your own actions which you can record, for doing a sequence of keys etc) - Very useful and flexible!!

The cable is braided in black, with a magnetic core filter near the USB plug end. The USB plug itself if moulded and look like it is gold plated, for better conduction.

The software for the most part is very well polished, but I did spot at least one typo when you 'creat' a profile. You can configure your mouse and save it as a preset... say, one for each game. One of the other meuu options is to change the polling rate to 1000Hz (Default is 500Hz), making it read the mouse position uber quickly for gamers.

I am left handed, and I am always worried about buying non symmetrical mouse, but this mouse fits in my hand very well, and has the rough material for gripping on both sides.

One issue that I noticed (an it is probably not the suppliers fault), is that the software is detected in Windows Defender (I'm using Windows 10), as a severe virus: Win32/Varpes.M!cl. This is most likely a false positive, and triggers when I hit the apply button, sending the configuration out to the mouse over USB. Windows probably sees this as a hacking attempt, the supplier may wish to address this! Another nice feature to add would be the horizontal tilting to the wheel, although I imagine this is more a feature desktop users would need, as opposed to games. I suspect that it is not wireless for the same reason, as wireless will give a slower response rate, which is not good for gamers.

At the current retail price, the mouse is excellent value for money and really focuses on gamers needs!

I was given this product at a discounted price and was asked to give an honest and unbiased review.

Top Reviewer 09/13/2016
I chose this one because it looked like it had a unique build design to help cradle ...

I find mouse pads on my laptops tiring and awkward to use so wanted to get an actua mouse for gaming and working with to make life a bit easier.

I chose this one because it looked like it had a unique build design to help cradle the hand, as I am prone to repetative strain injuries due to the amount of computer use my work requires on a daily basis. I also thought it was quite modest looking (without all the tacky rainbow lights and flashy alien-like symbols all over!) yet it was still quite cool looking.

The mouse comes packaged with an installation cd and bookle and the instructions manual is in 6 different languages and is very easy to install very quickly just follow the steps. It works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Mac. However, the side forward and backward buttons cannot work on Mac presumably due to software restrictions.

I noticed immediately that is has an ergonomic design and is very pleasant in the hand. The shape of the design really does feel much more comfortable than the average mouse and they really have come a long way design-wise quite quickly! Previously I had only used a run-of-the-mill mouse!

The design features rubber grips on the side, its lightweight but feels solid and sturdy and moves very very smoothly and I found it to be extremely accurate.

There are 8 buttons that can be programmed and you can use the provided cd driver to customize them including the scroll wheel. You can choose one of the presets or edit and add new maros (like automatic instructions to perform specific steps/actions when the button is pushed). This gives you a very good level of cutomization which makes it excellent for work or gaming.

The interface also allowes you to easily alter sensitivity, polling rate, LED colour (5 different ones) etc and you can have up to 5 marco profiles for instant saving and loading.

I really love this mouse and think is is fantastic value for money and includes a 12 month warranty with the manufactuer to give you peace of mind. I would definitely never go back to using my old mouse and would really recommend this if you're looking for a customizable, easy to use and practical ergonomic mouse for use.

I received this at a sale price for my review but this does not affect my opinion or review as my views are my own honest ones.

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