1byone Genuine Leather case with Card Slot for iPhone 6/ 6s, Black

Model: O0000-0826   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 14.99   14.99
  • Delicate Texture: Made of natural grain leather and with velvety smooth lining on the inside of the cover, it envelopes your iphone 6 / 6s case in understated elegance.
  • Wallet & Case in One: With an inner pocket for business and credit cards ( holds up to 3 cards), this Wallet Folio Case is elegantly designed to hold everything you need in one convenient spot.
  • Full Protection: Snap your iphone 6 / 6s into the inner hard shell frame for full back protection and install the outer cover to protect your screen from scratches.
  • Handy Stand: Flip-style case with magnetic strap not only to keep your phone secure, but for a handy stand function.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Clean cutouts on the inner plastic frame as well as on the leather frame to easily access all buttons.
Luxury and Polished Design

Dual material construction of wax polished genuine leather and durable PC frame offers your phone full protection, toughness & abrasion resistance.

Magic Magnet Strap

The magnetic adsorption function not only ensures to adhere to the back cover stably, but also offers a handy standing function, protective and practical.

Precise Cut-out

The precise cut-out makes it easy to access to all buttons and ports, including volume, power and camera button. This unique design makes it perfectly suitable to the iPhone 6 / 6s.

Personal Wallet Style

Built-in slots allows to store your credit cards and money, to keep all daily usability in the palm of your hand while offering a full protection to the body & screen of your smart phone at the same time.

Attentive Protection

Careful protection extends to each side and every corner of your phone. Completely protects your phone from dust, scratches and bumps.
SKU O0000-0826
material composition leather
enclosure material grain leather
Compatible Phone Models
Findlay Smith 09/29/2016
A really nice case that is impressive to look at it and to use :)

A very affordable and useful case for your iPhone.

When it arrived, I was taken aback by how well it was presented, it would make an excellent gift for someone and certainly has a premium feel to the packaging and would not look out of place in the Apple shop. It seriously is impressive from the get go from the outside and would make an excellent gift because of the packaging

The case is smooth leather and looks way more expensive than it really is and it feels good in your hand and the two tone effect of the black leather combined with the wee touches of red inside and on some of the edge lift this case from others which are boring all black.

I like the fact you can carry a few bank cards in there and some notes as well, so phone and wallet in one is a space saver in my pocket.

I have a few items from 1byone and I have never been let down with their quality or price, they are a premium brand in my opinion and are certainly worth the money.

Another useful feature is that you can use the case a stand and it will hold your phone nicely in the landscape position and leave your hands free for other things.

So if you have a nice iPhone, why not treat it to a nice case as well which will protect it and also is useful as it saves you carrying a wallet as well.

Go on buy one, your iPhone deserves it.

If you have any questions, please just ask otherwise thanks for reading my review and I hope you found it helpful.

Peter Francis 09/28/2016
Outstanding value !

Really high quality product ideal as well to hold cards and notes good protection too for my I phone which has survived several drops on hard floors I cannot recommend this high enough classy to look at as well

scott seabury 09/27/2016
Very stylish and professional.

Highly impressed overall with this product.
On receipt of this case I unpackaged it to find it in a very nicely presented box, perfect if this is to be a gift. The box slides out of a sleeve.

The case looks very professional, the iPhone 6 is an expensive phone so it only makes sense to want to protect it and this case does so with style. The phone fits inside nicely with no hint of coming loose. There are holes so as not to interfere with the camera lenses or the buttons/charging.
The case is made well, stitching is flawless and goes all around the case. There is a (1) logo in the corner on the front bottom right, whilst inside the front cover underneath the card slots there is a 1byone logo.
There is a magnetic strap which holds the case shut, this feels strong and clicks closed securely. When open the case also acts as a landscape stand for easy film viewing.
There are 3 card slots on the inside of the case, although I don't use these normally myself they are a good fit for a standard sized card.
In conclusion a very high quality case.

Disclaimer: this product was received in exchange for an honest review. If you have found this review helpful, please click in the yes button to help me out also.

Bager 09/26/2016

1byone Genuine Leather Wallet phone case has a very nice brown colour and looks elegant. The stitching around the case is well made and looks good as well. However I am not a big fan of the back of this cover - I think a full leather back would look so much better...
Inside there are 3 card slots for IDs, credit cards, nectar/tesco card and a bigger one for notes. I keep there a few £20 notes just in case ; )
Cut out are in the right place and right size, and the phone is well protected however I wish that side bumper could also protect the corners of the phone...

In overall it is a nice case but IMO there is room for improvement!

I was provided a sample of 1byone Genuine Leather Wallet Stand Folio Case at a discounted price for testing and review and was asked only to give my honest review.

amanda 09/08/2016
Great Quality iPhone 6s Case for a good price

This case screams quality from every aspect right from the interior to the exterior. 1byone has made an excellent feeling case and for the price I have no complaints whatsoever. The case is made from genuine waxed leather I'm very surprised with the quality of this case the real leather and the stitching is solid. I have my ID and two cards in it, plus some change. It all fits fine, the case does get a little bulky but that's to be expected. The brown color is beautiful too nice natural looking .Thank you seller for an excellent productwhich was delivered next working day using the amazon prime service. I needed a case for my iPhone 6S. The magnet is strong.. I have had this for a couple of days now. The case inside where you insert your phone is semi-flexible to remove and insert your phone. You don't get scared to put too much pressure on it. I was so tired of previous cases with similar style where the black plastic part that holds the phone in the case breaks so easily. This one is made of something flexible, & it holds the phone securely.The charger slot and buttons are exposed as needed. The camera works fine front or rear facing. No glares or overshadows or tints. You can prop the phone up as shown in the product display .Overall a great job by 1byone for making a premium looking case with the added wallet compartment.The phone fitting side is superbly made. No fear of your Iphone falling out, its solid.I would give this case 5 star rating. I received this product at a discount from Ibuyone for my honest and unbiased review.

R. Seager 09/07/2016
Elegant and smart looking iPhone case which protects well and feel premium quality

I just bought this wallet case of 1byOne for my iphone 6 and these are the pros and cons of it:

- It came in a very nice box, one of the most impressive packaging that I encountered so far;
- The case is lightweight to the point of being weightless and with a genuine leather smell of which I like! It’s an evidence that what I am having is a real leather and not a synthetic one;
- The left side has 3 slots for the credit card and each slot is ideal for 1 card only. If you put in more cards, it won’t anymore close properly. It has a slip pocket for the bills too;
- It has been stitched well, aligned and flawlessly done!;
- It is glossy and somewhat shiny which makes it elegant! Plus, I love the red wine color! It’s pretty attractive and easily draws attention!; and
- the cutouts of the hardshell were perfectly done; it does not compromise the functionality of the buttons as well as the accessibility of the ports.

-The stand is not strong and hard; it’s useless!

Overall, I really like its classy and elegant look! It would have been great if the stand is strong. I like that it does not add weight and bulk to my device.

I was offered this product at a discounted rate in exchange for a true and factual review, I do this in order to provide other amazon customers with my experience and hopefully assist in their decision making to either purchase or look for something else, I truly hope this helps.

rosh99 09/06/2016
Rolls Royce of Phone Covers

I have just upgraded to a iPhone 6 from a S4 Samsung (big jump I know), and instantly decided to go for this leather case. This is firstly to protect the phone itself but also because I loved the look of this case anyway.

The package arrived on time and in perfect condition. Once opened, the leather quality is excellent. Very high quality, soft yet is also going to last a long time due to the shear quality of it. Apart from the fact that the case came in a neat black protective bag, the leather is also shiny, extremely well stitched, yet still grips exceptionally well in the hand. It also looks expensive too which is impressive given the very reasonable price of the product. I didn’t know how the leather case would impact functionality of the phone. I need not have worried as the phone fits beautifully into the case and all functions wok perfectly fine with the case on. For information, the case fastens / closes via a magnetic clip which is really useful when answering calls, etc.

Within the case itself are also credit card holding points, always a benefit, and there is an embossed emblem in the case as well. This really is fantastically produced, very high quality product. The wine red colour is gorgeous too.

This outstanding leather case was received at a discounted rate in return for an honest and unbiased review. This discount in no way affected my judgement of the item.

TTS 08/15/2016
... this 1byone genuine leather wallet stand folio casae I LOVE IT. It came very well packed

what i can say abaut this 1byone genuine leather wallet stand folio casae I LOVE IT. It came very well packed, without any damages. This case came in a very nice presentation case.1byone phone case is made from real leather and with magnetic clips, inside are tree inner pocket for credit cards and one full size for money. This case is very comfortable and usable. this case is my favorite.
I am really pleased with my purchase, definitelly buy again from 1byone.
Definitelly 5 stars from 5!
Disclaimer - I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for this review. Please note that any and all views shown in this review are my own, and are in no way influenced by the seller.

junaid khan 08/09/2016
and both looks and feels good. With a small

This is a really 'classy' looking premium leather, waxed, iPhone 6 case. It feels rich, and both looks and feels good.

With a small, elegant (not overstated) logo on the front, and a single cut-out for the iSight camera, rear microphone, and flash.
It's real leather and (I'm no seamstress) it seems very well stitched to me.
It's also the 'folio' type, which is my personal favourite.

Futhermore, it comes in a very stylish presentation case. So, it would make a great gift for someone.

The fold-over magnetic clasps are reasonably strong, and the case opens and closes well. On the inside left are three card holder pockets, and a full length pocket for notes etc. So, the case is not just for the phone - it's a wallet as well. The right hand clasp also folds over the opposite way and grips the other magnet to form a stand for the phone when viewing videos etc. In this respect the magnets are not quite strong enough for a really secure stand, but they will do the job reasonably well. And, if they were any stronger, then the main opening/closing action would probably be too hard to operate.

The inside grip casing is stronger than I expected. I think that it must be carbon fibre, rather than just plastic. It grips totally (apart from the button cut-outs) on the left and right sides. And semi-grips on the top and bottom with shaping around the iPhone 6 features which need to be uncovered.

At 55gms in weight it's not the lightest case you can buy, but it's probably not the heaviest either. For a premium leather case that covers front an back, and also grips all sides of the phone, I don't think that 55gms is bad at all.

Purely for the sake of a properly rounded review, I should say that I was not particularly struck by the fact that the product features were written and stuck on the inside of the case.
I don't mind them being there, but I don't think that they should be permanently stuck there. I would just want to read them and then discard them. It's not very important though, because this paper will not be seen when the case is in use anyway. I mention it simply as something that the manufacturer/seller might wish to reconsider.

Other than that small point, I think that this is an excellent and classy case/wallet. I can recommend.

* I received this product in return for an honest, objective, and unbiased review, and that is what I believe I have given.
Whether you buy or not, I hope that my review is helpful to you in some way when making your decision.

ADDENDUM: Following my review, the seller contacted me to agree with my small point about the product feature information, and (to their credit) has asked the manufacturer to change this for the future.

MIA 08/09/2016
This phone case has the best presentation of any that I have received as it ...

The case arrived the day after purchasing as promised and was well packaged. This phone case has the best presentation of any that I have received as it comes in a box with a sleeve and is them enclosed in its own material pouch so would make a lovely gift.
The item came in a very secured packaging.
I received this item at lower price as an exchange for a honest review. Thank you, I would definitely recommend it to my friends
If you think this review has been helpful whilst you're deciding to buy a product, please give me a thumbs up !

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