1byone USB 3.1 Multiple Adapter to HDMI, USB 3.0, USB C Port, Silver

Model: 402UK-0004   |   Brand: 1Byone     
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  • Multifunction - USB 3.1 Type C Male Connector to 4K HDMI Digital AV & USB 3.0 HUB for Data Transfer & USB C Charging Port. Add three ports to your devices. So you don't need to buy all sorts of adapters when you buy a new MacBook that only has one port.
  • High Definition - The HDMI easily handles resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 at 30Hz, backwards compatible to 720p, 1080p. You can watch Netflix and movies stored on your computers on a larger screen, turning your MacBook into your media center if you want.
  • High Speed Charging - The USB C port support PD (Power delivery) charging. If you connect your Apple Power Adapter to the USB C port to charge your notebook, it can also charge up to 14.5 V output, as fast as your apple designed charger. You can also conn
  • Data Transfer - Standard USB 3.0 output ports support 5 Gbps speed. Flash memory, camera or other standard USB devices can be connected to the USB A port for syncing and charging.
  • Ultra-Compact - Size: 2.4 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches, 2.1 oz, perfect addition to your laptop bag or desk drawer, without taking up too much space and works flawlessly for presentations in the office from you laptop.
Once again Apple has changed something on us - its new 12-inch MacBook with only one USB C port, and it's time to update your accessories! It's getting confusing that you have to buy sort of adapters to change that one port into the others, but if you hold the product you will get through it.

What is this adapter for?

With three interfaces - HDMI + USB C charging port + USB A, the adapter allows you to plug your 2015 (12-inch) Macbook or other notebook with USB C port into a computer monitor or living room TV with an HDMI connection. So you can watch Netflix and movies stored on your computers on a larger screen.

Have you experienced that your new Macbook is out of power when you are watching a wonderful movie on TV by the HDMI or transferring data by USB A?

Yes, it is so depressing!! However, this multiport adapter will help you avoid this, as you can use all the three port at the same time - watching movie, transferring data and charging together.

Reversible Connector

Don't worry about which way to plug in again. USB C is a new user-friendly reversible connector that allows you to connect your cable to your device in any direction.

Compatible Devices

New MacBook, Google New Chromebook Pixel and other Type C Supported notebook.

Operating Systems

Windows 7 / 8 /10; Mac OS 10.8 or higher version; Chrome OS.


When you charge the notebook and transfer data at the same time, you'd better not unplug the adapter to stop charging until the data transfer is completed. Or the transmission will be interrupted for a few seconds.
shipping weight 114 g (0.25 LB)
Package Dimensions 120*102*28 MM (4.72*4.02*1.10 IN)
Weight 114 g (0.25 LB)
Enclosure Material
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Amazon Customer 09/07/2016
Five Stars

Brilliant device.

Tech Bomb 06/24/2016
Excellent Quality & A Product That Is A Must For All New Apple Mac Book Users

Watch the video to really see this products quality.

Packing and Presentation:

So this comes in a nice small and well packaged sturdy box with an image of the product on the front, an introduction on the back and some specs on the right hand side. Opening the box you have your 1byone adapter in some wrapping to keep it safe along with some shaped out pieces of the box itself to prevent any external damage and under all of that you have your well layed out manual book.

What I Like:
The minimalistic design which follows the Apple aluminium styled products.
A compact size so it wont take much space on your desk and its very portable as you can just slide it into your pocket and use it with your friends mac book.
It has a premium feel to it and excellent standard of quality.
This has great functionality allowing you to do multiple tasks at once.
A great price for what you get since Apple have limited ports on their new systems which makes this product even more valuable.
This is available for any laptop with a USB type c connector
Supporting up to 4k resolution from that tiny device.
Super fast charging up to 14.5v which is same as your apple designed charger.
A USB 3.0 which allows faster transfer rates than the normal USB 2.0

What I Don't Like:

Well there isn't anything i actually disliked in the product itself the only thing i did notice is that due to the natural material used in the product it does make it quite slippery so if it had rubber feet at the bottom it wouldn't slide around as much. Now this is my personal opinion on this product and not a flaw within the product itself and that's me being really picky.

My Overall Thoughts

So this a great valued product if your after some extra ports in your new mac book since Apple have limited their connectivity options for their users or u can just use it with a laptop which has a type c USB connector if your just looking for some extra ports. As i personally don't own a mac book i had to try this with my friends mac book and he was really pleased and happy with the product and functionality since he understands the importance of having extra ports being an Apple user. So if you have a new mac book and want those extras connections then i would Highly recommend this product as the quality you will get is worth every penny.

In addition i would like to add that i received this product for an honest and unbiased review and that i did which did not effect my review in any way.

If you found this helpful then be sure to give this a thumbs up.

H. 04/01/2016
Very Handy Adapter

The multiple adapter looks and feels premium with its metal design. It is small and compact to which makes it easy to carry around. There are 3 ports on the adapter which are USB 3.0, Full size HDMI, and a USB Type C port.

I used the product with a macbook. I used the Usb 3.0 port to to transfer files from usb devices like a memory stick. I can easy backup my mac to my memory stick and transfer data. I used the HDMI port to play content from my mac to my TV. I used this for Youtube and Amazon Prime and basically anything else you can do on a mac.

Overall this is a great adapter which has all the main ports you need on it. Especially considering the macbook only has one usb type c port which makes productivity limited. This adapter expands on the ports and can be easily carried around as its small and light.

Rob S 02/09/2016
Very pleased with this type c adaptor

Quality product, very well made, Adaptor which will convert the newer C type plug on the new Macbooks (frustrating the why Apple don’t just stick with a standard size)

Has a Connector to 4K HDMI Digital AV & USB 3.0 HUB for Data Transfer & USB-C Charging Port.

The quality is very good, solid in construction, I’ve had a few bits from 1byone and never been disappointed with any of the bits I’ve had, this is no exception, quality.

I was offered this at a discounted price for an honest review, this has had no baring on how I like the product

Vincent Vega 02/08/2016
Compact Adapter With Quick Speeds

This smart little adapter is basically an essential bit of kit if you are a newer Mac user but you still want to use older equipment.
As well as the adapter you also get a well-written instruction guide that offers help with connection with added diagrams.
To use simply connect the adaptor to your Mac or any other device that uses type-C connections. Once connected you are able to connect compatible devices via the 3 ports.
There are 3 ports in total which are an HDMI, USB-C and a USB-A, so you get pretty much all the connectivity you might ever need.
The adapter itself is compact and looks smart in design, to my eye it looks very much like a genuine Apple product.
Its small dimensions make it ideal for travel, this will fit in your laptop bag without taking up to much space.
Overall this is a well made and good looking adapter with fast ports that works as it should.

**I was offered a free sample for my unbiased opinion**

Hakon Soreide 02/05/2016
Great multi-adapter with Type C connection.

I was kindly provided a free review sample of this adapter to try out.

USB 3.1 and type C plugs promise a higher bandwidth again, and more power throughput than we'd have imagined just a few years ago, and it may yet become the new omnipresent standard connector for peripherals as well as charging and power in a few years' time.

Before it becomes the defacto standard, of course, one will need adapters, and with the bandwidth of type C, why have just a single adapter do one thing? In this case, HDMI, USB 3.0 and another type C socket has all comfortably been accommodated into just a single adapter, allowing 4K video transfer, a USB 3.0 peripheral and C-port charging all to happen at the same time.

We do, indeed, live in interesting times.

Roy Smyth 01/31/2016
Review: 1byone USB-C To Full Sized USB 3.1 and HDMI Adapter

The 2015 Macbook and latest Android phones have adopted the brand new USB type-C connector which is reversible, can carry more current and transfer data more quickly. However chances are you still have a lot of accessories that use older USB connectors.

There’s also a problem with lack of ports. The Macbook 2015 for instance just has two of these type-C connectors and one needs to be used for charging in which case you’re left with just one free slot.

That’s where this nicely made adapter from 1byone comes in. Not only does it convert one of your USB-C ports to the full-size USB 3.1 connector used by most of today’s accessories, but it also gives you a HDMI out port for video out and another type-C slot where you can plug in your power cable and charge your device.

The adapter is finished off in a metallic silver colour, giving it a premium look that matches well with the Macbook.

Performance was flawless just like having a full-sized USB 3.1 port (which is backwardly compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1), and the ability to charge at the same time is really useful. Likewise the inclusion of a HDMI port lets you connect up to a TV or monitor - I was only able to test this with a 1080p resolution TV but I couldn’t fault how it looked.

This isn’t the cheapest adapter on the market, but it’s premium build and it’s multifunctional performance packed into a well-designed and extremely portable adapter make this like a miniature docking station and well worth the investment.

Sam Wilson 01/31/2016
A must have for the new mac

This product is designed for the new mac as apple have made a few angry customers.
However with this you are fine as you can now, read memory sticks, plug in cameras or consoles via the hdmi and then also use a type c to do the very little you can with a type c.
This product is very well designed with a nice metallic finish and the logo and it also very portable for a laptop so you can take it anywhere the type c input wire isn't too long but that's good so you can just have it next to your mac or other type c device.
This adapter allows you to also charge any phone, and with its high speed charging you can do this easily, not only this but it is 3.0 usb which can handle high speed data transfer between devices etc. The hdmi can also easily handle 1080 p and 720p and can also handle 4k! this hdmi port allows you to connect a now tv box or any tv box to your laptop or type c device.
So overall I would happily recommend it and my only improvement would be some padding on the bottom of the adapter.

Everyday Pioneer 01/30/2016
Compact Size External Multiple Adapter with a Minimalistic Design and a good solution for Apple Macbook 12inch Users

As far as you are aware, Apple decided to remove all the ports from their recent Macbook recently and replaced them with only one USB C Port which made so many of their users disappointed. Agree or not, this is what they decided and other market leaders will follow them in near future as before. So, lots of accessories manufacturers such as 1byone used this as an opportunity to work on an innovative External USB Type C Multiple Adaptor.

Therfore, having a External Multiple Adapter with a capability of HDMI (HD Quality), USB-C Charging Port and a USB A port was a really good solution for the 12" Macbook (Apple MJY32B/A 12-Inch MacBook (Grey) - (Intel Core M 1.1GHz, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, OS X Yosemite)) or any other laptop who supports USB-C port in order to connect it to a HDMI port of either computer monitor or a living room TV.

1. Minimalistic Design which follows the Apple Aluminium Stylish Design
2. Compact Size
3. Premium Feeling
4. Great Functionality

Nothing so far.

It's good to be mentioned which I was offered this product at a discounted price by the supplier for an honest & unbiased review. This has not affected my objective appraisal of the merits of this product.

If you found my review helpful please give me a thumbs up to let me know.

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