1byone Portable Digital DAB / FM Bluetooth Radio, Sliver & Grey

Model: OUK00-0860   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 37.99   37.99 Free shipping
  • DAB / DAB+ / FM Radio - Enjoy high quality digital sound and free selection of your favorite radio stations.
  • Happiness at Your Fingertips - Introducing touch buttons with high sensitivity; It's easily cleaned from dirt and grime and flawlessly adds to the compact and modern design.
  • Smart Design - LCD displays information on the station and radio program you're listening to.
  • Station Presets - Store up to 20 DAB stations for easy recall at any time.
  • Bluetooth speaker & 3.5mm Aux-in - It can be used as a portable speaker for any Bluetooth-enabled devices, or playing audio from an external source, such as a MP3 player, laptop.
Understated Look & Strong Functionality
With simple design but strong functionality, this DAB radio is a perfect complement to you. It will put a vast range of stations at your fingertips, and provide free switch among DAB / FM / Bluetooth/ Aux-in modes.

Portable"Music Box"
Lightweight design and the 360 degree telescopic aerial enable you to take this digital radio anywhere you like. With superior reception quality than FM, DAB Radio ensures interference-free listening to you via strong audio technology.

Multi-function Speaker
It is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as laptops, smartphones, etc. And when receiving a call, you can also use it as a hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone via the built-in microphone and speaker. Besides, with 3.5mm AUX-in cable provided, it can also connect to your laptop as a PC speaker.

A Clock Radio
Just imaging wake up to your favorite DAB or FM radio shows - What an exciting day! As a clock radio, there are 2 versatile wake-up alarms with snooze option; you can use a buzzer or a selection from any of the audio sources for the alarm sound.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100%. This DAB radio comes with a 12 month guarantee. If any issues arise, we will replace it no questions asked. Satisfaction is our number one priority at 1byone.

Note: Please read the instructions carefully before use.
SKU OUK00-0860
Product Features
Bluetooth V2.1 wirelss audio streaming from bluetooth devices
bluetooth range 10m
MP3 link(aux-in) playback from ext. audio players
Compatible Devices
Tuner Type
Battery Power 1050mAh
Lithium Battery Voltage3.7Volts
Display Type LCD
Display Technology LCD
firemonkey 10/12/2016
Absolute bargain - and great quality.

Sound is great for the £25, so along with the full set of features this rocks! And it does come with the battery (which you would expect, although my pure dab radio didn't). Absolute bargain! Has 3.5mm aux in, but does not have headphone out - which would be a nice addition for a household where kids keep their phones outside their bedrooms. But can't complain at this price.

Myrtti 10/10/2016
What a brilliant little device!

Bought the radio for the occasional use at the nursery changing table and we've ended up using it everyday. The Bluetooth can be used to listen to music and podcasts from our phones, aux in could be used with a Chromecast audio, and the DAB radio is just brilliant. The screen can be turned off to not let it distract the child, and the clock on it, when on, is nice and clear. Only two things stop it being a full five star device: the location of the charging port on the back, preventing it to be right against the wall, and the similarity of the feel of the top buttons; separating the menu and ok button by shape or texture would make operating it in the dark easier.

Adele Mitchell 10/03/2016
I thought it was everything I wanted and more, not so now

Having had many DAB radios over the years, I had been searching for a relatively cheap one with BLUETOOTH and a SLEEP function (believe me, ones with a sleep function are hard to find) Looks like I have hit the jackpot with this one though. Took about 2 mins to set up and work out all the different functions, set up my alarm and got my phone to pair with it to play my music. The Sleep function took a bit of finding (would have been much easier if there was a stand alone button for it) but all worked out. Love that you can turn off the front dial, my current one lights up in bright blue, this will be much more sleep friendly.
Only slight downside (hence 4 not 5 star review) is the length of the micro USB cord used for charging, it is quite short and will mean that I cannot have this in the same place as my old one and be able to have it plugged in also. I am not too sure how long the battery will last, hopefully it will not run out of juice when my alarm is due to go off.
In saying that, I wish I had found this DAB years ago.
*AMENDMENT* After 3 days of using it I have found it not to be as perfect as I first thought.
1) Your alarm volume has to be set at the volume you need to wake up to, a bit of a nightmare if you have used the sleep function the night before.
2) The alarm on radio function does not seem to turn off after the allotted 30mins.
3) It is very hit and miss trying to save a preset station.
4) You cannot listen to Bluetooth on sleep at night and still hope that the alarm goes off in the morning.
5) On low volume (especially on sleep) there is a lot of hissing interference.
Because the controls on the volume and function are a manual dial, whatever you need in the morning has to be set as you want it the night before, hence why I really don't know why they bother with the sleep function as this makes it redundant.

oska 10/01/2016
Cannot go wrong for the price!

I have been scanning reviews for a cheap small DAB radio with Bluetooth that could replace the old hifi in our kitchen. Took a punt on this for under 30 quid and I'd happily buy another.

Within a few seconds of scanning it picked up a load of DAB stations and after checking most they were all crystal clear. Bluetooth connectivity to my phone was instant with a recorded voice to say it was connected. Again very clear without any buzzing and great for playing my saved music and Spotify.

It's a 30 quid device so don't expect massive bass and sound to fill a concert hall but in a kitchen or bedroom it does the job very well. The included rechargeable internal battery should be handy for use in the garden or elsewhere although I have not tested this.

It also looks smart and inconspicuous being the size it is. Touch sensitive buttons on the top for most controls with sturdy knobs on the side and a front volume knob. A decent lit circular display on the front makes it easy to identity stations and functions which acts as a clock when on standby.

Phil R 09/26/2016
Good radio but annoying features.

When I first got this DAB radio I was very happy with it. Possibly worthy of a 5 star review.
However as I got to use it on a daily basis there a few issues that annoyed me about it.

Firstly, the unit was very easy to set up and tune in and has good DAB reception and sound quality for a radio of its size and price. The Bluetooth connection was simple to pair and the connection is strong and does not drop out. The large volume control on the front of the unit is easy to find and use. The ability to turn the screen of using the control on the size of the unit is useful, especially as my unit is on my bedside table, allowing for a completely dark room at night.

The main annoyance with this radio is the 'touch' buttons on the top of the unit. They are set within the unit so they are lower than the top, and the buttons themselves are recessed. This makes it difficult to find the buttons when trying to do it 'blind', for example when you first wake up and are feeling for the buttons to snooze the alarm or change channels. The fact they are also 'touch' sensitive as oppose to 'press' reactive you are unable to feel for them, to count them along for example, without actually pressing the button. Raised push buttons or labels along the front of the unit would be better for this situation.

One of the buttons allows for you to dim the screen. Turning off the backlight. This is a useful feature although it appears that the resistor used to dim the backlight interferes with the reception or speaker as when this feature is used there is a high pitched hum audible through the unit. This annoying noise renders that feature unusable.

The alarm feature can only be used if the unit is in standby mode using the button on top of the unit, NOT switched off using the side button. When the unit is in standby mode it appears to only last on battery power for a few hours. This means that if you want to use the alarm feature the unit must be plugged into the mains power supply, otherwise the battery will die and the alarm with not activate. Not a problem if the unit is permanently in one location with the ability to be plugged in but not ideal if used for travelling.

A minor annoyance is the leather carry handle on the top left of the unit. It seems like a pointless feature and all it seems to do is get in the way of the controls on the side.

It seems like this radio has been unsuccessfully over-complicated.

The radio itself is good but let down by the above annoyances.

I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my open and honest review. This has not swayed my opinion of the product in anyway.

Gurdip Dhanjal 09/19/2016
Great DAB connection, 6 hour battery, good design!

We have been looking for a battery powered portable radio for a while, and after various different purchases on Amazon, we came across this unit, after sending the rest back for reasons such as bad signal, low quality builds and short battery life etc. Its been quite a task finding a unit which fulfils our needs and when I came across this one, I was quite skeptical, given the price. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived though!

Design: The design is completely inoffensive, and whilst not being on the cutting edge of consumer electronics design, it looks good enough on a shelf, with its frostly silver finish, which looks like brushed aluminium (its OK quality plastic). The little screen in white LED is a nice touch, and the handle makes it look a little quirky, and this handle also has the volume control disguised, which is a clever feature.

Function: The bluetooth connection is good. The FM radio is good. The DAB is also good when the aerial is all the way up (3ft approx) The AUX connection is also a simple thing to use, and the function/source dials on the side of the unit are very self explanatory. Nice and easy to use overall.

Battery life: I charge this every 3-4 days, whilst its used during the day by my wife. I would imagine she uses it for around 6 hours before it requires charging which is respectable, given the small battery size.

I've recieved this unit at a discount in exchange for a review. I will update this should anything go wrong in the coming weeks as I understand that longevity is very important for a product such as this.

pchee1 09/10/2016

The 1byone Portable Digital DAB/FM Bluetooth radio comes securely and sensibly packaged and again in it's own presentation box.

This small stylish well put together radio delivers big sound which is crystal clear and surprisingly powerful. It comes with full instructions, ( which take a little working out if you are a DAB virgin like myself ).
1 Rechargeable battery,
1 UK plug style charger,
1 USB cable,
13.5 mm male to male headphone cable
giving you several options for listening to your favorite channels or music.
It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and can be used as a hands free speaker when receiving calls. The alarm clock is a great addition and for me this is much more than a radio as it incorporates the ability to perform several other tasks.
This is excellent value for money and should be durable with great longevity.
I am definitely converted and will be purchasing another.
Superb quality radio well made and designed and i highly recommend to all.

I have been lucky enough to be able to review and evaluate for the seller free / reduced in return for my honest opinion which i have given above. This in no way influences my findings or opinions. I hope this has helped to make a more informed decision when purchasing as the reviews of others are invaluable to me. If so, hit yes.
Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

scorpiodragon76 09/08/2016
Great quality DAB and FM radio

Disclosure: I got this item at a discounted price from the seller. My review is based on my usage of this product. I have used this product fully. Getting this product at a discounted price has had no effect on my review. I'm not connected to the seller or amazon in any way. I hope my review was helpful. Thank you for reading.

This is an excellent quality DAB radio. It also can be used as an FM radio too. It is well made, sturdy and durable, So should last a while with normal usage. It comes in a nice professional looking red box with a photo of the radio on the front, So this makes it very suitable for giving as a gift.

In the box you will find:

1 x DAB radio

1 x rechargeable battery

1 x charging adapter with a UK plug

1 x USB Cable (for charging the radio via a spare USB port on your laptop, desktop computer)

1 x 3.5 mm male to male headphone cable

1 x instruction manual which is easy to understand.

The radio itself is silver in colour with a carry handle. It has a small LCD screen which shows the time and the radio channel names when they are stored or scanned. It has several touch sensitive buttons which do the following:

On button (also DAB fuction which scans for radio channels and you can store up to 20 channels)

Volume up and volume down

And several other buttons

You can also use this as a Bluetooth speaker when you connect an Bluetooth devices. You can also connect any device to it such as a smartphone, mp3 player, tablet, ipod etc using the supplied male to make 3.5 mm cable, It then becomes a portable speaker.

The radio has an Ariel which helps with the radio reception, It is extendable in length. The radio itself is easy to keep clean and dust free. It is lightweight and portable, You could fit it into even the smallest of bags. Great to take to the beach or on a picnic for some great music.

Overall this is a well made DAB radio which is easy to use and great value for money. I highly recommend it.

MR D C COOKE 08/30/2016
Great value, a decent DAB Radio with Bluetooth, Alarm and a Lithium Ion Battery

Having recently built my wife a shed to use as a "lady hut" (think man pad with soft furnishings) I've been looking for some reasonable products with which to fill it. One option was a radio, and having purchased a couple of DAB versions over the last two years I thought I'd try this one.

It comes nicely packaged and would make a suitable gift in its bright red box. I was slightly surprised to find that the power cable included is actually a USB lead (the radio has a micro USB socket) with a USB mains plug adaptor. A small lithium ion battery charges up when power is supplied to the radio and will keep it going if unplugged or in the event of a power failure. The literature suggests it will keep going for up to 5 hours, I assume this would depend on use though, primarily the volume, but also whether the setting (e.g. Bluetooth will use more power than DAB Radio). An audio lead and reasonable user manual complete the contents.

On powering up (on DAB setting) it auto searched and saved the various channels available, it had no problem finding a wide array with the aerial extended. Interestingly the selected channel continued to play with the aerial down and folded into the radio. When powering off at the mains and switching back on the following day, the last used station info was retained, even when the battery was not present.

I gave Bluetooth only a basic test, it functioned without issues, though this is not why I purchased this model and is unlikely to be used. Likewise the FM radio or Aux input... and it includes an alarm clock, which I did not test.

As for criticisms, the switches are a bit "plasticky" and the volume control in particular (a rotary knob) is exceptionally sensitive, it takes a fine touch to adjust, otherwise it goes from inaudible to blasting your ear drums (and those of the neighbours) in a very small turn. I quite like the design, the display could be a little brighter, but it's sufficient except in bright light, and provides the usual information regarding channel, and track being played. I'm not sure why it has a handle, this is completely superfluous in my view.

I received the radio at a discount on the basis of providing an unbiased review in a short period after purchase, I can't therefore comment on the longevity of the product. I notice some reviews have experienced failures after a few weeks, I will update my review should anything untoward happen. The seller states that they offer a 12 month guarantee and will replace it should any issues arise, which is worth remembering. At around £30 this is very comparably priced to a Bush DAB radio I purchased a couple of years ago from Argos, but with extra features, such as Bluetooth, the Lithium Ion battery and Alarm. Provided it continues to function, I think it's great value.

Offy 08/30/2016
Great multi-functional DAB radio

I had managed to kill my old DAB radio in the kitchen and was on the look out for a new one. This one seemed to fit the bill not being too big and having a mains plug.

It comes in attractive retail packaging so would make an excellent present. It is larger than some might think for a portable radio, but it is just the size I wanted for my kitchen. It looks good in an unobtrusive grey and would match any decor in my opinion.

It comes with a USB charging cable, and mains plug, instructions, an AUX cable and a rechargeable battery. The latter is a great idea as if it starts to go eventually, you can replace it rather than the whole radio. Put the battery in the radio at the bottom, give it a charge and you are ready to go. I like the fact that you can also charge the radio from your laptop or computer.

This radio is multi-functional. It is a DAB radio, and FM radio, and alarm clock, a Bluetooth speak and a speaker for devices that can be connected to it via an AUX cable. Impressive! If you are using it as an alarm clock you can also turn the light of the display off so as not to disturb you.

When you turn the radio on, it should automatically pick up all the local DAB stations available and set the time, but there is an auto-scan function if there are any problems. It immediately had all the normal stations I listen to no problem, and there is also information about the station, presenter etc. which scrolls along the bottom whilst playing. The sound was crystal clear. There is a station preset function too, but no matter how many times I read the instructions and tried to set mine, I failed. Operator error or a problem, who knows?

The FM radio function works perfectly well too. Just turn the button on the side to the different mode and then scan through the stations. The sound was also nice and clear.

When I switched to Bluetooth (BT), a nice lady said 'pair' to me as my phone was pairing and then something else I didn't catch as it paired. It was seamless and paired first time. I needed to turn the volume up on my phone to get a decent volume from the radio, but again it was a very clear sound.

Getting a tip from another review, I plugged my iPhone into the radio using the AUX cable. This worked a treat and saved draining the battery using Bluetooth.

The buttons on the top are touch sensitive, which I didn't realise at first and things kept going wrong as I would hold them down too long or hit them again. You just need a gentle touch and they will work. There is no 'click'. I'm ashamed to say that I couldn't find the volume control, even though it was right in front of me. I am so used to an up/down switch that I didn't see the volume dial which also acts as the attachment for the handle, oops! The volume is quite loud, certainly loud enough for a kitchen, but it is a bit distorted at full volume. I think it is a good sound for the price, and for what it is, a portable radio. If your main requirement is pure quality loud sound, then you will need to be spending a considerable amount more.

So I am happy to recommend this multi-functional DAB radio. It totally fulfils my requirements as a kitchen radio, even if I can't get to grips with the presets, and the price is on a par to other similar radios but without so much functionality.

I received this product at a discount, but please don't think that this has influenced my opinion in any way, as I have still paid for the product with my own money and want to help people make informed purchases. Many thanks for reading.

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