1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Suitcase Turntable, Wine Red

Model: 471UK-0005   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 89.99   89.99 Free shipping
  • RCA Output, AUX In, and Bluetooth - Easily connect your turntable to your own home sound system, or connect a Bluetooth device and play music through the turntable's speakers.
  • Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording - Transform audio from vinyl records into MP3 format files for later playback on your computer and mobile devices.
  • Selectable Speeds - 33 / 45 / 78 RPM speed settings with included 45-RPM adaptor so you can play every vinyl in your collection.
  • Great Styling - An impressive turntable wrapped in a beautiful, protective, leather-feel case.
  • Portability and Protection - Simply close the top and go. The light, protective design with integrated handle makes moving it a snap.
A Turntable Designed to Take the Hits
Need a turntable that's easy to move but not easy to break? 1byone Suitcase Turntable has been specially designed for easy transport, whether by car, plane, train, or even just from one room to another. Simply close the top and carry it around like you would any small suitcase or briefcase. When you do reach your destination, play your music anytime using the integrated speakers.

Great Style, Even When Standing Still
Not only is Suitcase Turntable a great option for portability, but it's soft, chic, quality leather-feel case and sturdy design also means it looks great in any environment it's put in. Use the included RCA jack to connect it to your home stereo system and really make Suitcase Turntable an integral part of your home audio setup.

A Great Record Player
Selectable RPM speeds (33 / 45 / 78) and included 45-RPM adapter let you play all the vinyl records in your collection. Our Auto Stop function will automatically stop the record when the side is finished playing, meaning you no longer have to worry about being distracted and forgetting to manually stop the record.

Vinyl to MP3 Recording
Record vinyl and store as MP3 files! Simply place a favorite vinyl record on the turntable, insert a USB key, press record, and enjoy your vinyl music anywhere, anytime.

Connect Any Way You Want
Besides using the integrated speakers, connect Suitcase Turntable to your home stereo system using RCA Out or AUX In. Also connect any Bluetooth-compatible playback device and wirelessly listen through the turntable's integrated speakers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100% with a 12-month warranty. A happy purchasing experience is our #1 priority and we will happily send a product replacement if any issues arise.
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lynne waters 02/26/2017
Doesn't work

Bought as a Christmas present. However, My husband did not get around to opening the box until a few days ago.

It does not work. Have contacted seller as we wish to have a replacement but as it is over 30 days since purchase we are expected to pay for return. It has a twelve month guarantee and as it does not work and we only want to replace rather than have a refund I would have thought 1byone would be more honourable!

Tmc74 02/23/2017

I would love to but unfortunately it was faulty and wouldn't switch on so I've had to return it and look for another model

Rachel Ranby 02/08/2017
Would recommend

Good player.
Does what it says, my dad has had a lot of enjoyment out of listening to his old records again.

Derek L. 02/02/2017
Four Stars

Speakers from this item are very good

Aaron Jones 01/20/2017
Really nice sound, fills a room, love the convenient suitcase format for day to day storage

 This record player is a wonderful piece of kit. I bought it as a gift for my girlfriend, who has loads of rare old Yiddish records she hasn't been able to play.
It arrived very well protected, with all delicate parts encased in custom-cut foam, which was easily removed. It's super convenient to have this player in a suitcase, as it means she can stash it away with books and records on top when not in use.
We have been playing her records on this all week and it's thrilling to hear the original crackling, popping noises from these 1920's recordings - such a beautiful warm, old quality. The speakers of this player, which are on the sides, are great, and turning the volume up about 2/3 of the way really fills the room with music. At full volume, you could have a large roomful of people dancing, no problem!
The instructions were simple enough to follow - I carefully lifted the needle on and off by way of the lever (instead of by hand), and as soon as the player was on, and I pressed the Phono button, it was spinning and ready to go. I only played 33rpm records, as we only had those... but there's a little lever so you can play 45 and 78 as well.
I also used the USB recording function - such a useful feature, as she wants to listen to the songs on her phone when she's out as well. You just put a USB stick into the slot by the buttons, press the record button and it records everything played until you stop the recording. So I was able to record each side of the two records as one track, making four tracks in total. I've attached a screenshot. The dates on the files come up as 1 Jan 1970 for some reason, but that's quite a normal bug with some devices that generate files (1970 = UNIX epoch etc etc) so don't worry.
Overall, I'm thrilled with this player and think £90 was well worth it for such a decent, convenient and well made item.

Mr. N. S. Pimlott 01/13/2017
Five Stars

Great product.... we have one very happy teenager

Amazon Customer 01/12/2017
So Far, So Good

I bought this turntable specifically to transfer all my old vinyl records to my i-pod and, much to my delight, I have been able to do exactly that with very little trouble. I discovered very on early that if you want to record each track individually you needed to stop/start the record button after each track. When I came to transfer the tracks to itunes I initially made the mistake of not transferring and saving the files from the memory stick to my laptop and finding that without the memory stick in place itunes couldn't locate the tracks. Once into itunes it's relatively straightforward to label everything. I am also very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the recordings when being played back through my i-pod, it's slightly tinny but not enough that it spoils the music. Having bought an Ion turntable a few years ago to do the same thing and finding it absolutely useless I was a bit wary of trying again but all my fears are so far unfounded and I look forward to many happy hours listening to all those albums I'd nearly forgotten about!

Amazon Customer 01/10/2017
Great look, robust and great sound for the price

Really great record player. We took a chance because it looked stylish and robust. The sound was better than others we had tried for this price. My son was really happy and is now enjoying it in his student flat.

mickyplisskin 01/09/2017
It you got any sense buy this

What a great thing this is, I am really pleased with it, everything about it is great especially the price

Tyson 01/05/2017
Great Recorder and player with moden feature built in aswell.....................

So far- I love it. I looked at all of the different brands of record players and decided the less bells and whistles, the more they could focus on presenting a good, solid, simple product. I don't need a cd player, clock, am/fm radio, cd burner, etc. Got those already. What I needed was a nice way to play my old records. So I bought this. I love the look of it- non-nonsense, nothing stupid or kitchy. It looks like a piece of professional audio equipment- nice, classic brown. Mine worked great out of the box and is plenty loud enough for my studio, which is a 12 x 18 building with high ceilings. The sound is good. NOT CD quality- if that's what you're looking for, the stick with CDs or MP3s. If you are playing old vinyl, expects the pops and scratches and that "warm" quality. Not to mention, many of the vintage records I am playing are old jazz vinyls from the 50s and 60s, and most of them are Hi-Fi, not stereo. I'm having a great time digging out my parents' old records and rehearing them after several decades. This is a solid, no BS unit with great sound. I like that I can close the lid while it's playing- keeps curious cats from grabbing at the stylus. All in all I am very happy with this record player and glad I decided on this one after reading many, many reviews for just about every other record player on the market.

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