1byone Aroma Diffuser, Ultrasonic Humidifier with Colorful LED Light

Model: 701UK-0002   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 16.99   16.99
  • High Quality, Large Capacity - Made of high-quality materials with no hazardous plastics, and a 350ML (1.44 cups) water tank that can produce mist for up to 11 hours straight (with automatic shut down when water runs out).
  • Elegant Design - A seashell design with wooden-look finish and only a single button required to control this unit's mist level and integrated cycling 7-color LED lighting.
  • Relax Your Life–Relieve stress from an exhausting day and keep your house always fresh and fragrant with pleasant aroma.
  • Ultrasonic Technology - Consistent operation no matter the setting so your living space is evenly humidified with soothing, fragrant mist. Prevents dry, smelly air and chapped skin during winter or when in dry locations. Resulting air ionization can also help prevent spread of cold and flu germs.
  • Quality Guarantee - This aroma diffuser has received numerous certifications, including RoHS (lead-free),CE (Europe), UL (American), ETL (North America), SGS (Switzerland), PSE (Japan), GS (Germany), and SAS certifications. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, and so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a full 12-monthwarranty. Simply contact us if you need assistance or a replacement unit!
Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Our 1byone Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to vaporize water and create a light, fragrant mist to lift your mood and relieve stress.

Large Mist Coverage

The 350ml water tank, when combined with ultrasonic technology, can cover a very wide area with soothing aroma mist. Simply place this compact, elegant aroma diffuser in your bedroom, living room, or office and enjoy clean, fresh air that will do wonders not only for your body but for your mind.

Automatic-Off Safety System

Don't worry about leaving Aroma Diffuser on when you're asleep or away from your house, as the diffuser will automatically stop the misting process when the water in-tank reaches a very low level to protect the unit's internals and increase long-term durability.

7-Color Cycling LED Lamp Lighting

Turn off the overhead lights and turn on Aroma Diffuser's integrated LED lighting for a soothing show of color. Choose between 7 beautiful colors or let them cycle to create a truly special visual environment.

Negative Ionization

Ultrasonic technology not only creates a soothing mist, but also negatively charges the mist. This then combines with positive air particles to help take pollution particles and cold/flu germs out of the air for a cleaner environment.

In addition, recent research has shown the beneficial physical effects of negative ions in increasing energy and alertness and increasing circulatory and nervous system health.
Lindylou 10/03/2016
A wonderful item

This was a great purchase.It looks elegant & leaves a lovely fresh-smelling aroma in the room. The water lasts for hours & depending on your choice of aromatherapy oils a lovely scent. I had a head cold & put eucalyptus & tea-tree (only a couple of drops). I use lavender, lemon & geranium, lovely. I love the way the light that cuts thought the middle changes colour (or not if you click the button). I would reccommend this lovley item.

Michelle Davison 09/22/2016
Love my stylish oil diffuser

I purchased this item for the full price. The diffuser sits on my bedside cabinet and looks very classy, it has the appearance of a wood finish but is lightweight and sturdy. The unit changes colour and you can pause it on your favourite colour. It has a large capacity to hold water and drops of essential oils. I wanted to get a diffuser as I had heard from Medical Medium Anthony William about the benefits of certain herb essential oils. I also purchased a hygrometer to check the moisture level in the air. I only switch it on for an hour or so in the evening but the room certainly smells fresher now. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Do&aJ 09/17/2016
What I prefer about diffusers when compared to other products that provide aromas in the home like sprays and plugins is that be

1byone 350ML Elegant Aroma Diffuser, Ultrasonic Humidifier with Colorful LED Light, Increases Humidity in Your Home or Office, Add Any Oil or Perfume to Spread the Smell

Keeping your home smelling fresh has never been easier or more healthy with the use of diffusers. What I prefer about diffusers when compared to other products that provide aromas in the home like sprays and plugins is that because they only use natural essential oils they are chemical free. Couple with the fact over time a diffuser can be money saving you will not go wrong by taking the leap.

At home I utilise a variety of different diffusers in various rooms and do highly recommend them to ensure that your home is always smelling fresh but also as you use aromatherapy oils you get additional benefits too. For example I user lavender in the bedroom to aid with sleep and eucalyptus when I have a blocked nose.

I really like the woodgrain effect of this diffuser the fact that it offers a more visually pleasing solution one that you can work around your décor is a bonus. This gives you the option of having the diffuser on display to maximise the scented mist rather than hiding it in a corner.

In the box you have the instructions which to be fair aren't necessarily needed as it is very simple to use, the measuring cup, a power adaptor and the diffuser unit.

This diffuser is big enough that it can sit in the palm of your hand but it doesn't lose out on the punch that it packs.

The fact that to fill this diffuser you unlatch the woodgrain exterior and then lift a plastic lid inside means that you will have less chance of having a spillage when using this diffuser in comparison to others that I have tried. This gives you that additional peace of mind in case it gets knocked in passing - but due to its discreet size this has a smaller chance of happening.

The auto cut off ensures that the diffuser stops when there is not sufficient water to continue safe usage which is a safety feature that I have come to expect in these type of units.

There is one button on the unit which on right side activates and controls the scented mist and on left side next to it that controls the light. With 8 light colours and 3 modes of mist you are sure to find a combination that suits your uses.

As diffuser go this is fairly quiet and barely noticeable. I am certainly impressed with this one and I really like the woodgrain effect.

Aj 09/15/2016
Excellent product

I decided to buy a diffuser especially as I suffer from dry eyes, congestion and stuffiness most evenings. I'm extremely glad that I purchased this one as it has really helped with cleaning the air in the room and I feel I can breathe! I have got 100% pure lavender oil for the aroma and it's just amazing. It really calms the mood and you just feel better for it. The diffuser is easy to clean and easy to use. The colour changing light is cool also adding a extra bit of magic to the room when the lights are dim! Would recommend. I received this item at a discounted price in return for my honest, unbiased review.

pchee1 09/10/2016
Perfect, aromatic clean air.

The 1byone Aroma Diffuser comes securely and sensibly packaged and again in it's own presentation, gift box.

On opening this really does look as though it is made from pine and is aesthetically pleasing.
The lid is easy to remove and it holds 350 ml of water, comes with it's own measuring cup and has a maximum liquid indicator on the side to prevent overfilling . I added 3 to 4 drops of Zen premium oil, plugged in and it immediately starts ( there is a rocker switch at the front to switch on and also to activate the soothing light which can remain steady 1 color , or rotate through 7 different soothing colors ).
After a few seconds you can smell the added oil and see the mist come from the top and evaporate as it cleans the air around you negatively charging the mist to help remove cold/ flu germs and pollution particles making the surrounding air cleaner and healthier.
It will never boil dry as it has a safety cut off ( no problem if you fall asleep with it on ) that switches it off once water levels fall to safety levels.

It looks stylish, understated and much more expensive than it actually is and leaves you feeling healthier, calmer and more serene and will fit into any decor.
This is my first diffuser but certainly wont be my last.
I would suggest that you use only 100% genuine essential oils in any fragrance from chamomile, lavender, tea tree, the list goes on and on, to get the full benefits from them and your diffuser. Easy to clean and should last a good while with proper care.
The diffuser measures 9 X 6 X 3" with a cable measuring a decent 5-6 ft.

The diffuser lasted 9 hours on continuous use so great to aid a good nights sleep and you wake up feeling rested with no congestion or the stuffiness you often feel in the mornings. Great for Asthmatics or those with breathing and chest problems as helps you breathe easier and cleaner air.
I recommend to all as everyone would feel some benefit from cleaner air.

I have been lucky enough to be able to evaluate and review this for the seller free / reduced in return for my honest opinion given above. This does not influence my findings or opinions in any way as i hope that this helps others to make a more informed decision when purchasing as the rev iews of others are invaluable to me. If so, then hit yes. Any questions, please ask.
Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Love4MyGirl 09/07/2016
This is fantastic, most of all lid lifts easily to refill

This is fantastic, most of all lid lifts easily to refill.
Unlike a lot of the twist & turn's, that seem so fiddly for my hands, as I have aching painful arthritis on my thumbs & find uncomfortable to unscrew things

Daily Reviewer 09/03/2016
stylish look

Having already got a Aroma Diffuser I chose to replace it with this one as this to me is a lot more pleasing on the eye and really is a part of the furniture.
The diffuser itself is 'egg shaped' and looks very stylish and sophisticated.
It measures approximately 23 cm at its longest length x18cm at its width and about 8cm in height.
It has a wood effect finish with a plastic white insert that from the outside forms a band around the middle.
The main misting opening is a small slot in the very top.
There is one button with a right press in for on/off and a left press in for colour changing capabilities.
The small measuring jug that came with it only measures 100ml - the maximum capacity/recommended water level is 350ml.
On removing the lid - that is a simple lift off, the plastic interior reveals a tank that is clearly marked with a MAX line.
The instructions tell you how to plug the DC jack into the diffuser, find a stable place to sit it and fill it to the Max line. Then add a few drops of oil, place the cover back on firmly and plug in.
The switch at the front is then used to turn the unit on and select your colour options.
The Light options are a 7 colour variation that glows on the top and round the middle band or to leave on one chosen colour with a second press of the switch. You can of course choose to have no light at all.
The Mist options are similar with 1 press for High Mist, 2nd press for low mist and 3rd press to off This product was received either at a discounted rate or for free in exchange for feedback and an unbiased review. That does not mean that we will write a sugar coated review, as we also rely on reviews when making our own purchases. We have put our time and honesty into giving you as much information as possible. We try to make it clear to read and include things that we want to know when we are looking to buy something. We will highlight negatives as well as positives. At this point in time, we are only able to provide our opinion based on short term usage, as it is requested that we submit our review within a few days of receiving item. We will of course return to this review to re-comment if we are able to add any anything more in the future. We hope that this, along with other reviews for this product, will help you make your purchase choice.

Ladystardust 09/01/2016
Great diffuser

I've recently discovered essential oils and although I love using this directly on the skin mixed with a carrier, I really wanted to experiment with using them around my home. I saw this diffuser at a good price so though it'd try it out.

I tried out the diffuser as soon as it arrived as I was so excited. I already had some essential oils so I could get started straight away. I read the instructions carefully as I was a little nervous about mixing water in electrical devices. The instructions were easy to follow. I filled up the diffuser with water as per the instructions and added a few drops of my chosen essential oil. You theneed switch the diffuser on and straight away it lights up and starts giving out steam.

The steam works really well to spread the fragrance and it lasts for ages. You can leave the device on safely as it will automatically shut down after 8 hours. This is really useful as it really helps me sleep. The device looks nice too and the wood effect means it blends in nicelyrics with my home decor.

I would recommend this product as it performs exactly as it is meant to. It would also make a really nice gift for anyone who likes a nice pampering.

I was given this product at a discount price in return for an unbiased review. All reviews are based on my own honest opinion and are not based solely on the discount given.

Catie Cat 08/28/2016
Very effective diffuser that blends well with most home decor

I ordered this 1byone 350ML Elegant Aroma Diffuser, Ultrasonic Humidifier with Colorful LED Light using the nominated date option, which was perfect for grouping together a few purchases over several days, but receiving them all on the day I chose.
After recently developing an interest in aromatherapy and all the beautiful essential oils, I was looking for different ways to make my house smell nice, without having to use nasty chemicals. This is perfect! Nicely packaged in an attractive retail box, this diffuser is more attractive than a lot of others on the market just now. Even though it is plastic, it has a wood effect design, which in my opinion, allows it to blend in better with home décor. It is so simple to use. I love the high mist function as the room smells lovely rather quickly, and those amazing aromatherapy oils can get to work even faster. I love to use it in the bathroom during a bubble bath, especially if I feel like I am coming down with something, for this I use peppermint, eucalyptus or tea tree oil. If I am stressed or have insomnia, I pop it in my bedroom and hour before bedtime with some lavender oil and it works a treat for me. Well made and sturdy enough. More than happy to recommend.
I was fortunate to receive this product at a discounted price, or for free, in exchange for and honest, unbiased review. I do not know, nor am I affiliated to this seller in any way. As a regular Amazon customer, I value the reviews I read and I trust them so I want to give that same service to other potential consumers. Therefore, please be assured of my genuine opinion on this product, whether it be positive or negative.
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Many thanks

Ross 08/27/2016
Looks good, works well, but could be quieter

-Nice modern design that fits well in most rooms
-Large capacity tank, which is great since it can be hard to find a diffuser with a >250mL capacity
-Two mist settings, the lower one is nice for when you're not in the room but want to keep it fresh
-You can cycle the lights or set it to one color (to match decor, mood, etc.) although you need to wait a min until it gets to the colour you want before pressing the button again to stop the cycle
-Very effective at dispersing the fragrance from essential oils (easily covers a large open living space in my home)
-Lasts a long time (~8 hours) between refills
-Adds some humidity to the air without having condensation collect on nearby surfaces or any other excess moisture
-The base detaches from the AC adapter for easy cleaning (I recommend cleaning with a paper towel or microfiber cloth 1-2x a week to avoid residue build up from essential oils)

-The instructions recommend using 1-2 drops of essential oil, but in my experience with a range of different oils, it takes a few more than that considering the large water capacity

-Because of the shape of it, there's generally a fair amount of water left (~a couple tablespoons) when the auto shut off is triggered. This isn't a huge deal, but it can be annoying having to empty it out when you want to switch fragrances.
- noise, it says this is whisper quiet, however you can hear a slight buzzing when in use.

Overall, I'm happy with the design and function of this diffuser. It lasts for a long time, and you can even leave it on overnight on the low setting, which is nice if you want to diffuse eucalyptus and/or mint on a night when you have a stuffy nose, etc.

The seller has great customer service and has contacted since the product arrived to ensure I am happy with the product, I cannot fault their service.

PLEASE NOTE: This product was received either at no or low cost for review. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based with my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review.This product was received at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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