1byone Safety Driveway Alarm, 2 Sensors & 1 Receiver

Model: O00QH-0514   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 19.99   19.99
  • Reliable Range - Communication range of up to 100m/328ft (the distance from the sensors to the receiver/alarm/chime) and detection range of the infrared sensor of approximately 5-8m/16-26ft to keep you informed and safe.
  • User-Friendly - The alarm in the receiver has a ring volume up to 100dB, 3 mode choices (Sound/LED Flash/Sound and LED Flash) and 3 alert choices (High Volume Chime/Low Volume Chime/Alarm).
  • Dependable Technology - Our sensor uses a state-of-the-art passive-infrared (PIR) to detect any movement within the detection zone. Perfect for long or hidden driveways to allow you just a little extra warning before guests (or intruders) arrive.
  • Expandable - If you have more than one driveway or area you would like to monitor, you can expand this system with up to 50 additional sensors or multiple receivers.
  • Power Supply - Both 3 x 1.5V type C batteries and the AC power adapter (not included) can be used for the receiver, but don't use them simultaneously in case the host would be burned.
The 1byone driveway alarm provides a solution to alert you the moment someone enters your property. It's not only very convenient but also extremely affordable.
When movement is detected, the Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor sends a wireless signal to the receiver from up to 100m/328ft away. Adjusting the receiver, you can choose to be alerted by a high or low chime or alarm tone, or instead, with just a silent LED flash. What's more, the receiver can pair with up to 50 sensors, effectively securing a large area. We offer many combinations of sensors and receivers, just choose what best fits your needs.

To avoid false alarms:
Don't mount the PIR sensor in direct sunlight (as moving heat sources would trigger the PIR) or in a place affected by wind. When installing outside, it's best to mount it in a shady, protected place with minimal changing temperatures. Also, avoiding mounting on UPVC or metal doorframe surfaces which may reduce the transmission range.

Power Supply (Receiver): DC 6 V or 1.5 V C Battery x 3 (not included)
Power Supply (PIR Transmitter): DC 4.5 V (1.5 V AAA Battery x 3 )
Motion detecting range: 5 - 8 m/16-26ft
Operating range: 100m/328ft
Ring Volume: ≥100dB ( within 0.5 m/1.6ft)

Box Contents
2 x PIR Transmitters
1 x Receiver
1 x Instruction Manual
4 x Wall Plugs
4 x Screws

Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100% with a 12-month warranty. A happy purchasing experience is our #1 priority and we will happily send a product replacement if any issues arise.
SKU O00QH-0514
Shipping Weight 420g / 0.925 pounds
Package Height 5.51 inch/ 140mm
Package Width 4.13 inch/ 105mm
Package Length 4.72 inch/ 120mm
Package Weight 320g / 0.705 pounds
Receiver Height 5.11 inch/ 130mm
Receiver Length 3.70 inch/ 94mm
Receiver Width 1.69 inch/ 43mm
Transmitter Height 2.16 inch/ 55mm
Transmitter Length 1.37 inch/ 35mm
Transmitter Width 0.49 inch/ 12.5mm
Item Weight 0.38 KG /0.836 pounds/380 g
Accessories List 2 x PIR Transmitters, 1 x Receiver, 1 x Instruction Manual, 4 x Wall Plugs, 4 x Screws
Power Supply (Receiver) DC 6 V or 1.5 V C Battery x 3
Power Supply (PIR Transmitter) DC 4.5 V (1.5 V AAA Battery x 3 )
Sensing Angle 45¡ã
Sensing Distance 5¨C8 m
Ring Volume ¡Ý100dB ( within 0.5 m)
Old Snowdrop 10/06/2016
Works as well as it says.

I got this for my caravan awning as I have heard of several that have been broken into while the owner slept in the caravan. I have recommended it to all the people on a caravanners Facebook page with over 50000 followers. the idea is to slightly mask the PIR so it sees a narrow filed across the outside of the awning and alerts me to someone tampering (cutting) with the windows

Pete, W / Midlands. 10/01/2016
Not sure that the PIR's are weatherproof

Working fine but my only criticism is that although it is described a driveway alarm nowhere does it state that it is waterproof and I have no faith in it being so. However, I have shielded this with a moulded plastic tray with a suitable aperture cut in it, and the way I have measured it the false alarms from people passing along on the pavement have been eliminated. I I recommend a Green or Brown tray to make it less conspicuous and hopefully avoid theft or damage. Would definitely recommend for internal or rain-protected areas and for DIYers who can create weather protection as the range of this product is impressive. A tip that I found out the hard way, DO NOT TRY TO SET UP OR TEST THE UNITS WITH BOTH PIR'S FACING YOU, ALWAYS TEST ONE AT A TIME WITH THE OTHER SAFELY POINTED AWAY FROM ANY TRIGGERING !

K. A. Williams 10/01/2016
very good. Range of the detectors is about 6 - ...

A little quirky to set up and sync the detectors, but apart from that, very good. Range of the detectors is about 6 - 10 metres, and the receiver works well everywhere in the house. Detectors are sensitive, yet no false alarms thus far, and work well even in the rain. A nice additional feature would be the ability to have an LED record the fact that something was detected whilst you were out. The alarm is very loud on the "Alarm" setting, but the low volume chime is perfect for me. Overall a very good device.

Russ T 09/24/2016
Great, simple solution

Needed this as security for an outbuilding. After much research, this turned out to be the perfect device.

Unlike some on the market, there is no delay between detection and alarm (so intruders don't have a chance to tamper).

The signal is good and strong. I have the sensor in the outbuilding and the alarm in the house. Did plenty of testing in "chime" mode before setting to the (very loud) alarm mode. The sensor always detects when I enter the building, and emits a bright blue LED. I have not found this distracting or annoying in any way as I move about my day.

Key fob works brilliantly too.

The only negative thing about this device is when you set/unset the alarm, the bleep given off is pretty loud. But seeing as that's the only thing I would change, that says a lot about how great this device is overall!

Russky100 08/25/2016
Knock, Knock... Who's there?

As I live out in the sticks with no street lighting, I thought I'd buy this alarm to give me a heads up if anyone was in my woodland garden or approaching the door. While the unit is very smart with clear instruction, it is extremely temperamental to say the least.... Yes it will pair straight away and in my case very easily, but it does keep on losing the connection no matter where I locate it. On other occasions it will decide to notify me that someone is approaching when there isn't a soul in sight. Now, unless the squirrels are having a great time in playing knock and run, I don't think this system is really fit for its intended task?

This Is really unfortunate, as I do think its a brilliant idea, but sadly crippled by faulty software/hardware issues and unfortunately I am unable to recommend this product.

I hope this short review helps?

Update: Since the above review I have been contacted my the supplier 1byone with a possible solution to the issues I have been having... While I have not yet tried the fix suggested I have increased my review to 3 stars based on 1byone's excellent customer service which in all honesty deserves a full 5 star rating (The original review is a product review only) Once I have tried the fix I will update and if it is successful I will gladly increase my score to a full 5 star... In the meantime, if you do buy a 1byone product you can be sure of excellent customer service....

SnackAttack 08/19/2016
Great wireless doorbell, could be OK as a security measure, sort of...

I'd be happier giving these a 4/5 but I can't (to be honest) find any fault with the item, as it is as described.

They claim to have a narrow sensor angle, which is (it seems) exactly as narrow as they claim, so there are no problems there. The sensor angle is very, very narrow. A long thin beam which widens slowly as it goes out. You need to work with the sensor and its limitations to find positions that suit it, and you.

Put AA batteries in the sensors, and C batteries in the main unit, and you effectively have a motion sensor alarm, or more correctly an automatic doorbell system of sorts. It senses the heat from cars and living beings only... but is occasionally triggered by trees etc when it is windy.

If you alarm your shed for example, the alarm will only sound for as long as there is motion inside it. As soon as the intruder goes away, the alarm will stop. So do not consider this a proper alarm, but rather a doorbell in that sense. A doorbell with normal doorbell chimes, or a siren/alarm sound (which is too loud and annoying to be used as a doorbell).

- The monitor has a chime mode, which has both low and high settings, as well as a LOUD alarm setting too.
- The indoor monitor can be set to flash its lights, or sound the chime/alarm, or both. It is configurable.
- The sensor does not sense much that is above or below it. Place it above waist height, and you can crawl under it. This has the advantage however, that you can place it higher up in the home and not have it triggered by cats or dogs.

The range is staggering. The sensors will transmit (according to reviews) 100 meters through walls, buildings and across landscape to wherever the monitor/receiver is. They go a long, long way.

- You can buy additional sensors, which you can set up inside or outside which are easily paired to the main monitor.

Wind, blowing bushes and trees and vegetation does trigger these. However, the unit has been designed so that it is NOT triggered by plants.
In reality, plants will trigger this on very windy days, if you have a lot of plant movement. You'll find that plants and bushes are not very good at triggering the sensors, but do still trigger the sensor. Moving objects with heat will trigger the sensors instantly though. The sensor will look for both movement and heat, so anything living, cats, dogs, and even birds will trigger the sensor instantly, which makes the monitor sound.

The alarm, although it does not keep going forever if the intruder leaves the scene, does sound for a while and will likely scare any burglar off as soon as they break into your shed. However, there is no timer delay, so you will trigger the alarm when you close the door, depending on how you set it up. The sound of the loud alarm siren is no where near commercial alarm sounds in volume, but is a damn sight louder than the chimes.

The chimes are OK. One very loud setting (louder than a normal doorbell) and another quieter one. Or silent, if you just want the lights to flash. Set it up however you like, as it is customisable.

Once you get used to its quirks, it is a very handy security alarm / sensor. You definitely want to place it somewhere, where it won't be triggered by trees, or you'll end up wondering whether or not someone is in your garden and end up ignoring it. Think on this before buying. It ignores 99% of plant movement, but is triggered daily by some plants even though they have no heat source of their own.

Like it. But it does feel like a cheap item, and not a £150 alarm system. But it would do, it is a cheap item. Cant really fault it though, it just took a while to get used to.

I hope this review helped explain what these are actually like.

hardy 08/15/2016
very loud when it goes off

1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm
i now have bought two sets of this product
well worth the money
very loud when it goes off
does the job
i would recomend this to anybody

P A COBBOLD 08/12/2016
Good Product

I bought 2 sets of these ie two receivers and two PIR's and I wanted them all to work as a group, both PIR's setting off both receivers, setting them up to do that took about two minutes and was so simple, (if you do have a problem setting up there is a youtube video) they work great, I use mine in a holiday home, one on the front porch and one covering the rear driveway with one receiver downstairs and one upstairs. One of the PIR's is about 30m from the nearest receiver and works fine over that distance. The chime setting is plenty loud enough especially if like mine either of the PIR's will set off both receivers. Good purchase, I do wish I'd bought the sets with a remote control but that's my fault not the sellers. Time will tell if the weather effects them in any way.
I bought these myself not at a discounted rate for a good review unlike so many these days!!

Sweet fun 07/17/2016
Works fine and does a good job

The charger was auixk to arrive and I plugged it in to the remote alarm unit and it lowered the device just fine
It gives a.constant power supply and much more reliable
Then trusting batteries that can go flat and savages you the expense of constantly buying batteries which may run low and leak and corrode the unit
So far it does what it was designed to do plug in and that it
The item is well made and reliable and I have no hessitation in recommending buying it

Sarah 06/17/2016
Easy to set up and has been very effective - ...

Easy to set up and has been very effective - i.e. it works well. As the delivery is fast it's worth buying the batteries at the same time. The LOW setting is good for in house whilst the CHIME setting is plenty loud enough to hear over the noises in the garden. The ALARM setting is very loud and more like a car or burglar alarm and could be used as an alarm to potential intruders if receivers placed near to entry point .
The range of receiving is excellent although limit the number of physical barriers between alarm and receivers. That extra receivers can be added at a later date is a big advantage over others I looked at.

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