1byone Wireless Driveway Alert, 1 Plug in Receiver and 2 Sensors

Model: OUKQH-0499   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 18.99   18.99
  • When the PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor detects moving heat from car engines or human beings, the transmitter will activate and send a wireless signal to the Receiver. The Receiver plays a configurable alarming sound.
  • A powerful 120-decibel alarm sounds as soon as motion is detected within a 20-foot range. Unique security code between chime and sensor - avoids interference with neighbour's chimes. Blue LED Light, volume adjustment (upto 3 levels) and including 36 Melod
  • Easy to install and requires no wiring. Receiver can easily be plugged into an electrical outlet (no batteries required). Operating range of over 300 feet (between sensor and main chime unit).
  • Can be used as a simple alert unit instead of investing in costly security systems! Detecting and alerting when someone approaches a front door! Alerting when a customer walks through the front door of a store or office! Alerting when a car approaches a d
  • Note: Includes 1 plug-in receiver unit and 2 motion sensors. It perfectly combines the function of driveway alert with a doorbell.
What's in the Package
The door chime kit comes with:
2 x Receiver
1 x Transmitter
1 x Wall Plugs
1 x Screws
1 x Instruction Manual

Functions Instruction
Basically, there are two parts to the Driveway Alert Doorbell System.
The Transmitter contains a passive infrared PIRsensor, which detects the moving heat created by an automobileengine (or any other noticeably hot object moving at sufficient speed). It can send signal to the receiver. The transmitter should be deployed outdoors, where it will have a clear view of the driveway.
The Receiver mounts inside your home (or business, warehouse, shed, aircraft hangar, secret underground submarine docking station-where you need it, really, provided its within range of the outdoor unit). It contains a LED and a speaker to let you know when the outdoor unit detects motion.

A. Transmitter unit
Power: 3x1.5V AAA battery (not included)
B. Receiver unit
Power: AC110-120V 60Hz
Operating Distance: 300 feet in the open field
Selectable Tone: Total 36 melodies available
Digital Code Type: Auto-learning
Shipping Weight 370g / 0.815 pounds
Package Height 4.92 inch/ 125mm
Package Width 4.52 inch/ 115cm
Package Length 5.11 inch/ 130cm
Package Weight 370g / 0.815 pounds
Item Height 2.99 inch/ 76mm
Item Length 4.33 inch/ 110mm
Item Width 1.69 inch/ 43mm
Item Weight 0.34 KG /0.748 pounds/340 g
Mount Type Wall
Battery Cell Type Alkaline
Power Source Battery
Number of Batteries Required 3
Battery Type battery_type_aaa
Vincent Vega 03/01/2016
Good Hassle Free Security

This is another quality product provided by 1byone, that works exactly as it is intended to.
In the box:
2 x IR Sensors
1 x Receiver
2 x Screw/Plug
1 x Instructions
The instructions are well written and cover all the functions and installation in great detail, there are also added diagrams.
The receiver is mains powered so you will need an available plug socket, each of the sensors take 3AAA batteries (not included)
To set up simply plug the receiver in your desired location, and then place your sensors in an area you wish to monitor.
Next you will need to pair the receiver to the sensors, to do this make sure the sensors are powered and the receiver is plugged in.On the right-hand side of the receiver are your function buttons, press the button furthest down, this will enter your devices into pairing mode, next stand in front of the sensor and it should detect you and the alarm will sound.
You also have a volume button, melody selector and a switch that allows you to choose between the alarm modes.
The sensors can be wall mounted with the included plugs or they can be placed wherever you need them.
Overall these work well, with practically no installation.Recommended.

**I was offered a free sample for my unbiased opinion**

d j hanchant 02/29/2016
Great security product.

Arrived fast and well packaged. Setup was very easy and was a case of inserting 3AAA batteries into each transmitter and pairing them to the receiver which was as simple as a press of a button. I placed the furthest transmitter about 15m away from the receiver and it connected and worked fine everytime even at that distance. The receiver is very loud with adjustable volume and let's you pick an alert sound on tune from a large selection. The receiver has a blue led flashing light which you can have on as well as the alert sound on just on its own. Overall I would definitely recommend this product. (I bought this product at a discounted price for an honest review and that's exactly what I have given)

Just2Fish 02/29/2016
Poor Quality

The heads sheared off both supplied fitting screws because their quality was so poor, and the recess on the back of the transmitters is so small that the receiver could easily fall, be knocked, or blow off any screw. The transmitters would be better if they took a single 9v battery not three AAAs. You guessed it, I bought mine, I didn't have them supplied for free, unlike many of the reviewers. It will probably be kept but could be much better.

Hakon Soreide 02/29/2016
Excellent motion sensor alert. Or burglary alarm on a budget.

 I was kindly provided a free review sample of this motion sensor set to try out.

I think it is a great set too, and very easy to use with practically no installation besides placing the sensors where it's convenient. The receiver just plugs into a mains socket, and from it you can control the sound and the mode. It can be set to light only mode, sound only and both light and sound when one of the motion sensors is triggered.

During my testing, I found the sensors to be just the right kind of responsive, not retriggering right away, and seeming to have the correct sensitivity neither to trigger too easily or to miss obvious movement.

The battery compartment of the sensors is secured with two bolts, which is a good thing as I also noted what appears to be a padding under the lid that would offer a good level of waterproofing as well, if needed.

So, whether you use it as an intruder or trespasser alarm, to alert yourself to the presence of visitors or customers, or simply as a doorbell that doesn't need to be pushed, it works exceedingly well, and I can highly recommend it.

Balbal Hano 02/26/2016
I'm very happy with this alert system and it already makes me ...

I'm very happy with this alert system and it already makes me feel a lot more prepared and safe in my home. It works very well and is very effective, it has a very loud noise so you are sure to be alerted and the trespassers are sure to be scared away. You can also change the volume and also the alarm sound from 36 unique melodies. It is also very easy to install, all it takes is you plugging in the different devices. This is also a very cheap alternative to other wired security and alert systems. I got this product at a discount from the seller in return from an honest review, all opinions are my own and completely unbiased.

christine19583 02/22/2016
Driveway alarm

I got this product for my drive way , I wanted to know if anybody was coming up the drive , fitting them was pretty easy in the box you get two transmitters that look like alarm boxes you have in your house and you also get a small square box that looks like a door bell you plug in there's lots of different sounds you can set it to there's even a Christmas tunes the two sensors take 3x aaa batteries which are not supplied, once I'd put the batteries in and set them up you was already to go before putting them outside I tried them in the house I put one of the sensors in my hall and the receiver in the kitchen and waited for one of the kids to come in which at the time was quite funny making them jump not knowing where the noise is coming from they work exactly how they should , the plastic they are made from to me doesn't seem very strong and up to now the rain hasn't got into them but I have got one under my porch and the other one is slightly under . Packaging they came in was great .the reason for four stars is only how they are made like I said I don't know how long they will last because of the plastic and are weather sometimes isn't very good but up to now they work great .

Note. I was given this product at a discount or for free the views I have about the product are my own and I have not been influenced in anyway.

P. Vassa 02/22/2016
Great alarm sensor and easy to install.

Having received this item recently, I decided not to use it as a driveway alert, but instead on the side of my house. The reason for this is that I did not want the alarm to go off each time someone was posting a flyer. So instead it now acts as an alert should there be any movement at the side of my house.

The package comes with the following contents:
1 x Instructions
1 x Receiver
2 x IR Sensors
2 x Screw/Plug

Overall it took me 15 minutes to install this having to mount the PIR sensors to a wall, then pair the sensors to the main receiver, so was really pleased as the instructions are easy to follow.
The receiver is mains powered, and each PIR sensor requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included.
What I also like is that you can set the volume and also the melody on the alarm.

Overall this product is easy to install and works perfectly.

I was lucky enough to received this product at discount price for a honest review.

H. Hoult 02/22/2016

On Wednesday morning 17th, this week I had my bicycle stolen from our rear garden and a chain saw from the shed. Our garden is quite long and I resolved to foil the intruder with this alarm system. I ordered the system on Wednesday afternoon and it arrived on Friday morning the 19th. Excellent.
We opened the package, inserted the batteries and found the system functional. Later that day my husband put one of the sensors on a wooden archway approximately 60' from the house and 80+' from the receiver which was plugged in in the hall.
At 03-15hours the receiver sounded! Yes the intruder had returned and was by the house just considering helping himself to another bike!!! However because of the alarm he got more of a shock. Unfortunately my husband just missed getting hold of him as he vaulted the 6' fence at the bottom of the garden but if he comes again we'll be waiting!!
All in all a great system and super fast delivery. Neighbours all thinking of getting them too!!!

Everyday Pioneer 02/21/2016
Nice Battery Operated Wireless Alarm System with Motion Sensor

This is a simple, inexpensive way to monitor your home and provide a sense of security while you are home.
If you are looking for an alarm system that notifies you of when someone is at your home, when you are not, you'll need to get one of those expensive alarms, with a monthly fee.

This alarm system is perfect for notifying you when people are coming near your home. It says it's a driveway alarm, but I've put them at the doorways of my house.
I have a ranch style home with a basement entry and a garage door entry. I've put the sensors at both those doors and the chime/alarm box, I've not secured to anything. I move the chime box to where we are in the home--living room, bedroom etc.

It has two choice for alarms--the chime or the alarm.
The alarm is quite loud--so you can hear it pretty much wherever, but I keep it on chime.
I like using this because it's nice to know when people are coming and going.

Hopefully, we never have to use it to notify us of intruders, but the alarm could definitely wake the dead.
It's pretty easy to set up, but I didn't get it on the first try. It took me a bit to get both sensors to connect, but I did get it without too much frustration.
The sensors blink a blue light, so you know they are working--which is convenient because they are battery operated and you need to be able to recognise when they aren't working.

Overall, we are happy with the function of this alarm system and we can connect more sensors in the future if we decide to do that.

Disclaimer: I was offered this product at a discounted price by the supplier for an honest & unbiased review. This has not affected my objective appraisal of the merits of this product.

If you found my review helpful please give me a thumbs up to let me know.

Sam 02/21/2016
Instant set up and failsafe

As simple as plug in, add batteries and away you go. Nice to know when someones approaching. I've got one sensor down the side of my house, and the other pointed at the opposite fence that backs onto an alleyway. I didn't want it to trigger every time someone posted something through the door, but it's nice knowing if somones sneaking around the side of the house.

Haven't noticed them being set off by cats etc, and of course due to the nature of PIR sensors they'll only be triggered by people, or things warm enough to give off enough heat and also move around, so the bin blowing over in the wind won't trigger it. It can be set to chime or alarm modes.

I hope you've found this review helpful, and thanks for taking the time to read it. If so, please click the "Yes" button below this review. I sometimes receive products at a discount, or occasionally free of charge, in exchange for a fair, thorough and honest review. If you have any further questions about the product, or any other comments, please add them below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, make use of the "Ask a question" function on the listing, you're likely to get several responses from both the supplier and other customers within a few hours.

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