1byone Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger for All Qi-Enabled Devices, Black

Model: 508UK-0001   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 12.99   12.99
  • Simplest Way to Charge Your Phone - Just place your phone on the station and it will charge. It's a breeze! There is no electrical discharge or safety issues to worry about. And you don't need to unplug a cable when you get a call. Input: 5V/2A; Output: 5
  • The Perfect Way to Charge Your Phone - This charger has an integrated temperature control setting which will never heat your battery over 107°F. It will also stop charging if the battery is fully loaded. This greatly reduces battery capacity loss over tim
  • Compact and Sleek Design - This tiny black station will replace your messy cables. Additionally, it is really a new piece of technology delivered right to your doorstep. Size: 3 x 3 x 0.4 inches.
  • Compatible Phones - Samsung S6 / Edge / Plus, Note 5, Nexus 4 / 5 / 6 / 7, Nokia Lumia 920, LG Optimus Vu2, any Qi-Enabled Devices or Device Equipped with a Qi Receiver. iPhone 6 & 6 Plus will need a Qi wireless receiver patch or a Qi wireless receiver ca
  • Buyer Guarantee - 18-month hassle-free warranty, 30 day money back guarantee and friendly customer service.
Convenient to Take and Travel with

No cables in your luggage anymore! This 1.15cm / 0.4-inch thin station has only a diameter of 7.6cm / 3-inch. It takes no space and is a perfect travel companion.

No Pluging and Unpluging

No need to plug your device in to a wall charger or USB port. You can still use your device while charging, and your device is always accessible so you can answer a call without having to unplug.

LED Indicator Lights

Red means it's ready to charge, blue is charging, and both together let you know your device is fully charged. Blinking lights mean an unsupported device has been detected.

Intelligent Features

This charger has an integrated temperature control setting which will never heat your battery over 107°F. It will also stop charging if the battery is fully loaded.

Popular Smartphones that Support Qi Enabled Direct Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / Edge+ / Note 5
Google Nexus 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 (2nd gen)
LG G3 / Optimus G PRO
Motorola Droid Maxx / Droid Mini
Nokia Lumia 920 / 928 / 1020

It will work with Samsung Note 4 / S5 / Note 3 / Note 2 / Galaxy S3 / S4 / iphone 4 / 4s / 5 / 5S / iphone 6 / 6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus with special Receiver. This package DO NOT include Receiver.
Color Black
Product Dimensions 76*76*11.5MM (2.99*2.99*0.45 IN)
Weight 4.59 OZ
Shipping Weight 130g(0.29 LB)
Package Dimensions 130*30*105MM
Compatible Phone Models
Color Map Black
Wireless Technology Electromagnetic induction
Input-Device Interface Micro USB cable
Enclosure Material
Compatible Devices
Manufacturer Warranty Description
Mr. J. D. Parker 10/21/2016
Not bad for the price

Not the fastest of chargers but for the price it does the job nicely .. good for if your at the desk and just working away on things..

You do kinda have to place the phone in the sweet spot for it to charge

Also if you have alot of apps open on your phone it will not charge fast at all

David, Worcester UK 10/18/2016
Slim & sleek

I already have one of these, it works so well that I've bought a second to leave installed in a different room. Excellent quality and good design, flat non-slip platform to place the phone on. Discreet LED's indicate powered-on (red) and charging (blue), but not too bright so won't be a problem in a dark room such as a bedroom. Works well, modest price. Recommended.

Nirupa 10/07/2016
Not very practical

Much smaller than I thought, and it has the shortest length of cable possible. I therefore cannot use it on my nightstand as the cable does not reach the side table. Haven't used it much, and will start to gather dust.
Would be great if it came with a longer cable and a power socket.

Would not buy again.

Graham Thompson 09/04/2016
excellent wireless charging station

 This is my review for the 1byone Ultra-Slim Wireless charging station.

This is a small but very effective piece of technology.
When it arrived I could not wait to try it out because it looks fantastic and I could not wait to see if it actually works.
Once you plug it in to the power source you will notice a red light on the front which means its ready to charge and a blue light will appear when you place your device on it and it starts charging successfully. Once your device is charged full the charging station will stop charging your device and both the red and blue light will appear on the charging station.
The speed of this charging station is about the same as a normal mains plug charger I would say.

All in all I have been very impressed with this charging station and that's why I'm giving it 5 stars.

Please take a look at my video review.

Tech Bomb 08/20/2016
Great Product!! Is It Something You Really Need???

Disclaimer: I was given this product from the manufacturer for free and asked to give a review of it. My review is honest and unbiased, given the item for free did not influence my review in any way.

Packing & Presentation

So this comes in a nice small sturdy box with a picture of the product along with some 1ByOne logo's on the front and the specs you will find at the back of the box. After opening the box inside you will find 2 compartments, 1 for your wireless charger, user manual and the other for the power cable. The wireless charger is in a nice small sqaure cut out piece to prevent any damage along being in a soft plastic pouch.

What I Like

I was extremely surprised the way the circular charging pad was, it feels really robust and constructed really well, a high quality build I must say. It measures 1CM tall and has a diameter of 7.5CM, so it's quite small.
The circular disc has a metal bezel around it, which makes it look very sleek and elegant, on the inner side there's a rubber ring to keep your phone in place.
Setting up and using the charging pad is very easy. plug the cable into a usb port either your PC or charging adapter then place your phone on top of the wireless charging pad, you may need to move your phone slightly to find your phones wireless charging spot. I tested mine with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I placed it around round about the center the phone and it worked fine with the wireless charger.

What I Don't Like

Well unfortunatley theres a few things that I don't like and these don't effect on how the products function but maybe something that could be improved for asthetic and other reasons.
The 1m charging cable in my opinion is very short I mean not everyone has the PC's on their desk but like I said if you have a USb hub or an alternative longer cable then you should be fine.
The charging speed is not the fastest I will say, if your at your desk and use your phone alot then this isn't for you I would just stick to cable charging.

My Overall Thoughts

It is a great product to have if your at your desk and don'y use your phone much then it's a nice piece of tech but if your like me at your desk and use your phone a lot then I would just use cable charging instead but never the less it is a great product to own for the price.

Video Review coming soon on my YouTube channel Tech Bomb

RBovas 08/16/2016
I look for a good wireless charger so I can have one in just ...

Ever since I bought my Note 5, I look for a good wireless charger so I can have one in just about every area I would need/want one. As soon as I opened the box, I noticed that this is one of the thinnest wireless chargers I've seen. The micro USB cable that plugs into the charger is almost thicker than the base itself, if not for the anti skid material on the bottom of the charger giving it the edge. It also has a nice non-slip ring on top of the charger to keep your phone from sliding off. It works well with my case I have on the phone, which is one of the most important things to me when looking for wireless chargers. Granted, I did not test it with a bulky case attached, but I usually don't use them on my phones. I've kept the phone slightly off the charger to simulate a thicker case and it still picked up the charger, so I'd assume it would work with a thicker case, pending the material I suppose.
The charger has 4 blue LEDs that come on when you put the phone on the charger or take it off. They only stay on for a few seconds when you put the phone down on the charger, when you take it off and when the phone is fully charged. It's nice that it flashes the LEDs when it's done charging as it kept catching my eye from the side. It also seems like the charger turns off whenever it detects the phone is fully charged, which is a nice touch.
I felt as though I had to be careful with the charger due to its thin nature, but it seems pretty durable. I can't get over the size to functionality/power.

Overall, a great choice in wireless chargers. It sits on the table nicely, not sticking out like a huge eye sore. I know a lot of people think wireless chargers are a fad or just not practical, but I honestly feel that is not the case. I love them, and as of right now the only time I use a cord on my phone to charge it is while driving.

Please note I received the above product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

Toastlord 08/03/2016
Decent wireless charger at a good price

It's fair to say I've bought into wireless charging in a bit way as this is my third wireless charging pad now - me and my wife have one by the side of our beds, and this one is in our living room.

I've seen a couple of reviews for this stating that they don't see the point of wireless charging and that it's a bit gimmicky, but I completely disagree. I've suffered from two phones (Sony Z1 Compact and a Z3 Compact) that both had issues with the charging port becoming loose after a lot of use, so anything that cuts down on the general wear and tear is a winner for me. You may be plugging your phone in twice a day for several years, so it's no a big surprise that these parts fail first. Of course it's not as fast as charging by cable, but seeing as we tend to leave them on the pad overnight this really isn't an issue for us - if I'm desperate for a quick juice top up I can still use wired charging after all.

It's also a lot more convenient to just plonk your phone down on the pad at night when you are climbing into bed than it is to hunt around in the dark for the lead then try to get it into your phone, all whilst in the dark.

The charger comes in a nice little black printed box, includes a Micro USB cable and looks pretty smart in the black and silver colour scheme. There's a rubberised ring on top to prevent your phone sliding off, and the base of the charger has four small rubber pads again to keep it stable. I'm sure I don't need to give you instructions for it - plus it then and then put your phone on top and it will charge. It's fairly forgiving in terms of position of the phone but you will automatically get in the habit of putting your phone down so the middle is on the centre of the pad anyway with any wireless charger.

As the instructions state you will need a 2A mains charger to get the best charging speed out of this - if you are using a Samsung S6/S6 Edge/S7/S7 Edge then the Samsung one that came with your phone will do nicely. This is not supplied with this so whatever happens you will need your own actual mains charger.

The led light is unobtrusive (no-one needs a massive shinning charging light next to their bed all night!) too, and it's worked absolutely fine with my S7 Edge in a plastic case and a S6 in a transparent case. However it struggled to work when I tried with with a large leather case on the S7 Edge, but then the same is true for all wireless chargers - however bear this in mind if you are thinking of moving to wireless and you use a hefty case.

So in conclusion it a very nice little wireless charger and a decent price (just under £12 at the time of review). If you are new to wireless charging then yes, it's not as fast as using a cable but it's a lot more convenient

I received this item for free for an unbiased review. This does not influence my review at all, which is written based on the current full purchase price of just under £12. As an Amazon user for over 16 years now I rely on reviews to make my purchases and I'm always honest in my opinion. If my review was helpful please let me know by hitting the button below - thanks.

Peter 08/02/2016
Surprising useful

I am surprise how well made the charging pad is when I received. there is a charging pad; a usb cable. 1byone has definitely made this a quality first as it has also got temperature control so it is not going to over heated; it is also heavier compare to other made.

It is straight forward to use by plug in the usb and leave my Samsung S6 mobile phone on the top; blue LED light good it is charging. there is a round rubber that stop the phone slip away while charging. I found the charging time is acceptable compare to wire charging.

The design of the charging pad is very attractive and easily blend in wherever you put it.

Disclaimer :

I received this wireless charger at a discount or free in return for my honest review.

All reviews and feedback here are posted after trying the product over a certain period of time. By receiving a free or discounted item in no way influenced my review of this product. I submit this reviews so other people like yourself can make decision on whether or not to purchase this product.

If you found this review helpful in helping you to choose the product, it would really help me out if you clicked "Yes, I found this helpful" below.

Bruce S 08/01/2016
Nice addition to my new S7 Edge

I am a massive fan of this piece of kit. I do not like to have wires everywhere and much prefer to do everything wirelessly. That is where this Charger kit is a god send. I have just upgraded to the Samsung S7 edge When I am ready to charge, I just place my phone, still in the case, onto the charger, it lights up and away the phone starts charging. Charges really quickly as well, so no lag in comparison to a cable. I have been using this for almost a week now and every morning I have woken up to a phone charged to 100%. This is definitely a great buy and even better if like me, you like wires free!!!


I received this product at a discount from the seller via Amazon in exchange for a truthful and unbiased review. I am not connected to the seller or Amazon and don't receive anything in return for writing a positive or negative review. Everything I write in my review is of my own personal experience of the product. If you have any questions please leave a comment underneath my review and I'll do my very best to answer it. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my review. I really hope you've found it helpful.

Heny 07/26/2016
Excellent Slim Wireless Charger, Built to last.

This 1byone charger Pad. Arrived from Amazon well packed and on time.
I was very pleased to receive this as it is one of the Quality charging pad,
I found it Very easy to setup and use, Just plug the USB end into a Charging Socket on the wall, Or even a Tablet, or laptop etc.
Place your Phone on the charging pad and It will automatically begins charging your phone, Great.
This charging pad is Designed with Quality in mind A very well built pad.
Has a hard rubberised feet around the surface, Stops it from marking your table or desk top surface.
If a Red LED indicator light up, this means charger is not working properly, So readjust your phone on the pad.
The Green LED indicator will light up for 3 seconds and turn off, This means your phone is charging successfully for when it's charging.
With Built-in overvoltage, charging and short-circuit protection provides ultimate safety for your smartphone.
This charger also has an integrated temperature control setting which will never heat your battery over 107 Fahrenheit.
Also It will also stop charging, if the battery is fully charged.
Your Phone will have to be equipped with wireless charging receiver. Not all Smartphones have this.
Overall This is a well Designed and made Charging Pad. Built to last.
I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest review,
I will only review produces that I am interested in and have used.
I hope that you may have found this review helpful in deciding whether to buy this product