1byone App Controlled Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Multicolored LED Light

Model: O00DC-0743   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 24.99   24.99 Free shipping
  • Multicolored & ever-changing - Small smart LED bulb can convert 7 main colors - over 16 million supported colors, plus warm and cool white. You can choose your favourite color for each situation to surround you in your room.
  • Smartphone Controlled APP - Scan the QR code on the product to download the app, or you can manually seach for "CHSmartBulb". It supports Android 2.3.3, iphone 4S with IOS 7.0 or later versions. Your iPhone / iPad can be used to play music as well as control the lamp at the same time.
  • Music playing via Bluetooth - Connect to your bluetooth devices easily, and the built-in Bluetooth speaker enables you to enjoy music anywhere. Play music from the app or your usual program and have the bulb change colors automatically.
  • Smart Functions - This smart light bulb can play your music, match the lights to the music, has a normal white lights mode, can adjust the brightness, can be renamed and can set a timer in the app to switch off / on. Wake up to your favourite music and color or come home with lights already switched on. Applicable for any household, hotel, shop etc.
  • Great Sound Effect - The high quality speaker inside the bulb will play back your music with an amazingly clear sound and enhanced base. With 2-in-1 design, this speaker will not use any space and therefore saves you space in your apartment. Your friends will be amazed where the music comes from. ABS and PC fire-resisting materials, High quality warranty, safe and reliable.
1byone smart LED bulb is a unique and exclusive two-in-one design - the smart LED bulb with Bluetooth and speaker!

The E27 socket enjoys easy installation and good compatibility to all bulbs. It can support a wide range of Bluetooth and wireless audio configuration files and will be compatible with the device that has Bluetooth function, including iPhone and iPad.

Additionally, the wireless Bluetooth speaker supports a transmission range up to 10 meters. The Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR (enhanced data rate) improves the purity and sound quality of voices and musical instruments based on DSP technology. It will definitely bring you infinite joy from the combination of light and music!


Product Power: LED 6W, AMP 3W
Working Voltage: AC 100V-240V
Working Frequency: 50-60Hz
Light-flix: 300LM
LED Light Angle: 120 degree
Bulb Specification: E27
Bluetooth Version: 4.0+EDR
Color: White
Bluetooth Distance: No obstacle 10M
Frequency Band: 2.4GHZ
Working temp:10°-50°

How to Setup

1. From you smart phone or tablet's Bluetooth setting, connect to the device 1byone. This connects your smart phone or tablet to the speaker.
2. Open the app, and connect to the device names 1byone. Now your app is connected to the bulb and you are ready to personalize your lighting.


1 x Flux Melody Smart Bulb
1 x Quick start manual

This smart lamp can only be paired with a single phone and each phone can only be paired with a single bulb. Multiple bulbs require multiple bluetooth connections/devices to be configurable.
Shipping Weight
Package Height 165mm/ 6.5 inch
Package Width 98mm/3.86 inch
Package Length 98mm/3.86 inch
Package Weight 0.245 KG/ 0.54 pounds
Item Height 143MM / 5.63 inch
Item Length 80MM /3.15 inch
Item Width 80MM / 3.15 inch
Item Weight 0.175KG / 0.39 pounds
Material Type ABS
Shape Oval
Power Source Corded-Electric
Voltage AC100-240V
Wattage LED 6W, AMP 3W
Miss Rie Lowe 10/04/2016
have a very fun concept. Tried them out before gifting

Bought a couple of these for christmas gifts, have a very fun concept. Tried them out before gifting, and unfortunately only 1 of the 3 I bought worked correctly.
My friend and his kids loved it, but not too sure on how long it will last!

Above average consumer 08/17/2016
good value budget LED lamp with added bonus of speakers

Love these bulbs. The app could be a bit more of a polished product and the bulb is quite big (especially with an adapter) so make sure it fits your lamp, but they're great fun, have a nice fade on effect, quite a cool bright white light and reasonable range of colours. Well worth the price in my opinion (I've bought a few of them now)

Ed Harris 08/11/2016
Just like Phillips Hue

1byone Wireless Bluetooth speaker/Light
For a long time, i have been using Phillips hue and paying out hundreds for simple coloured lights. A friend recommended this company, he has been using them for a while now and not only do they do the same as Phillips hue but also have a built in speaker-for a fraction of the price.


1x Bulb
1x Manual

The package arrived quickly in safe and secure amazon packaging. Meaning it was protected throughout transit and perfect on arrival. The box included only two things as this is all you need to get started with this product, no hub needed or anything like that. Very professional packaging gave me confidence in the product and the company.

Build Quality

The product is made from hard plastic and a metal connector. Although the light will be kept in one position i doubt it would crack if your dropped it. The bulb has a gloss finnish to the bottom and a silver chrome ring where the grill of the speaker is. The tip of the bulb is also made of plastic but is a bit more see through so the light can shine through. With nice weight and a tough feel you can tell the product has been made from quality materials.


I think lighting is key for a rooms mood and feel. It can change the atmosphere of a room witha slight change to the tone or colour. And that is why i love LED RGB bulbs. But do not over do it! A lot of people think this bulb is not bright enough, however this is not meant to light the whole room up, just a corner or a wall. I have tried the unit with the app and it works seemlessly(Apparently there are some problems for ios). I love the way you do not need to keep track of a remote or anything like that, instead you just use your phone which nearly all of us have with us constantly. The colour matching is great and also beams a nice quality colour.

Final Thoughts

I am so surprised at the performance of a non branded bulb. Normally they are not worth the price however in this case they definitely are
Love the product-Love the price
**NOTE this product was sent out in return for an honest review-In no way has this affected my opinion**

Chris H. 07/19/2016
Large bulb, but nice to play with.

 It is a large bulb, but it does work nicely.

I was eager to have a go with this, so I un boxed at work, then hunted round for a E27 fitting to try it in.
This was when I realised quite how large this bulb is.

Other reviewers have posted pictures with a ruler next to it, so you have actual sizes there, just be prepared for something a bit bigger than you imagine a bulb should be.

Once I was over that shock and back home, I screwed it into an IKEA lamp we have. It fitted perfectly, and after an initial moment of grumpiness on my behalf (You need to screw it in WELL. I hadn't, and when I switched it on, nothing happened. A bit more of a tighten then it powered on white as expected).

As mentioned above, on first power on it comes on white. Like a proper bulb.

The app for the phone works nicely.
You may need to get a QR reader for your phone, but it was a hassle free experience to install it.
There was the "is it going to work properly" which I get with most bluetooth stuff, but it paired without the need for a key, and I was up an playing.

The range of colours available is fantastic. The colour picker wheel is lovely.

What impressed me most was the "auto" mode for the light. When this is on the light flashes in time to the music you are playing on it. Check out the video.

The sounds not bad. You'll not be wanting to replace your proper hifi for this, but if will be fine for a BBQ or just for streaming Spotify to whilst you're reading.

So far so good.
There were no problems, and it came with Amazon's normal fantastic Prime delivery.

Andy 06/26/2016
worth the money??. definately

Gotta change my review. Its actually quite load, and everyone who has been to my place have now ordered one so I think we are trend setters. Lol. When you play music thru the app, make sure you press the speaker icon and slide to max. Its a really cool device, but don't be deceived by cheaper imitations. This is the proper jobby...

Nathan 04/10/2016

I downloaded the app that was on the QR code again. I unpaired the device and turned off the bulb. I opened the app then turned the bulb on and allowed the pairing of the device to take place and now it works fine. No issues with pairing.
I was kindly provided a free review sample of this item and in return I am leaving a detailed and unbiased review.

Starting with the delivery, it was fast and came packed and protected safely.
The item comes in a box, which can be seen in the images I have provided. In the box is the bulb and a user manual that tells you how to use the app with pictures so it is very easy to understand. I used a 30cm ruler to compare the bulb to in my images so you can get an idea of the size as it is fairly large, although standard E27 bulbs are only slightly smaller.

The bulb itself does work, but it is just a matter of getting the best app. I use my Samsung Galaxy S6 to connect with and I has some issues. The app wouldn’t let me change the colour off the LED for some reason but the audio worked fine. To get the app to allow me to change the LED colour I had to connect it in a certain way: I had to unpair the device then open the recommended app, switch on the bulb and allow the app to pair with it. I don’t think others had this issue but if any of you guys are, I will update this if I find any new apps or ways to fix this. The bulb will always return to white light if you are not using the app to change its colour.

The speaker feature works like any other Bluetooth speaker. When you are connected any audio from your phone comes out the speaker, this can be turned off from your Bluetooth settings so you can use the light as a standard white light or whatever colour you chose. The quality of the speaker blew me away. It was extremely clear. Sound quality matched a Samsung Galaxy S5 speaker but the one in the bulb was louder. It has a 10 meter connectivity proximity.

The light from the LED was very bright, the app allows you to dim the brightness, and this is great as it can be used for many things. One bulb sitting at the side of a 4x4meter room lit the whole room which was brilliant. I used it in my bedside lamp and use the speakers for music but turn the lamp off through the app so music can be played without the light on which is good as there is no point having the lamp on in the daylight. If you are worried about light getting hot, this is perfect for you as the bulb doesn’t heat up: after having it on for 7 hours the bulb remained the same temperature which wasn’t too warm as I could touch the bulb without feeling any discomfort. I have a toddler in the house so I am not too worried about her touching the light bulb.

Overall the bulb was amazing. No problems whatsoever, and it definitely jazzed up my bedroom. I originally used it in my bathroom as my bathroom takes an E27 screw bulb. I used it for music while I showered. I had no problems while using the bulb. The only thing that I would say could improve is the app as for me, I had issues connecting, and nothing major but it would be better if it I could just connect it and start changing the light colour. Also it would be nice if the app had a setting where you could select colour to alternate automatically and be able to group the bulbs, so if you have more than one in a room you can group them under one room.

angel reviews 02/10/2016

was so impressed with this changes colors and has a loud speaker inside just fantastic for Christmas Halloween kids night light just so impressed fantastic best buy of the year in my opinion i did recive at a discount

martin robinson 01/20/2016
Fantastic Product

This is a great product I loved it so much.It is more than I expected.

Julie Henderson 01/20/2016
Great Fun item but works well

Purchased this for our 13 year old daughter who loves it. The speaker is actually better than I expected and being able to change the colour of the light a good bit of fun but also decent sound
Would recommend this product

acqui Avery 01/18/2016
Loving it twice

very good product better than what i expected high volume ,bright light just excellent, I will strongly recommend this item. Also you can send it to your friends as a gift.