1byone RGB Light Colorful Sound Activated LED Rainbow Projector

Model: OUKQS-0064   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 18.99   18.99
  • This disco light can absolutely shock your eyeball with its colorful lighting. It contains 33 x 5mm LEDs in three main colors, Red, Green and Blue. With its high brightness, colorful and exciting lighting effect, it's ideal for any KTV, Bar, Stage, Club,
  • LED Color: Red, Green, Blue. Functions: color change, sound control, flashing and change patterns automatically. Modes: Automatic Working Mode, Sound Control Mode.
  • The advanced LED technology is creating very powerful beams similar to a 150W lamp. Long lifespan LEDs (rated 100,000 hrs), low heat generation, low power consumption. Needs no duty cycle and runs all night.
  • Small in size and easy to use. You can put or hang it anywhere without using much space. FCC and RoHS approval, ABS and SPCC environmental protection materials used, safe and reliable. Just connect the power and start it to party all night!
  • What you get: A magic of circular shape Effects indoors. Popular cosmos Star Projector lamp with most powerful LED lights. Changes colors and position over the course of the cycle.
What's in the Package

1 x Product Body
1 x Wall Bracket
4 x Wall Plugs
4 x Screws
1 x User Instruction


Power Sources: Input AC110-120V 60Hz
Power Consumption: 10W
Working Mode: Automatic Working Mode, Sound Control Mode
LED Color: Red, Green, Blue
LED Quantity: 72pcs, including 24 super red 0.197in (5mm) LEDs, 24 super green 0.197in (5mm) LEDs, 24 super blue 0.197in (5mm) LEDs
Product Body Size: 150 x 150 x 190mm (6 x 6 x 7.5in)


Maintenance and cleaning shall only be done to the product light ball and base. Unplug this product from the power socket before cleaning Do not wet any electric parts of this product. Please use a dry, soft cloth instead of sharp tools for cleaning

This product is not a toy. Please keep this unit out of reach of children and pets.
Item Height 150 MM / 5.90 inch
Item Length 193 MM /7.59 inch
Item Width 150 MM / 5.90 inch
Item Weight 1.07 KG / 2.34 pounds/1070 grams
Shipping Weight 1.31 KG /2.88 pounds/1310 grams
Material Type ABS & Metal
Russell Howson 09/30/2016
Perfect for parties weddings and functions

 Product: 1byone OUKS-0064 Sound Activated LED Rainbow Projector Disco DJ Stage Lighting Colourful LED Light
Packaging: Arrived one day delivery from Amazon Prime in it's own cardboard box
Cool gadget this I have an extention cord and plugs near my ceiling for other electronics so me fitting this to the ceiling its self was easy the wire itself is not that long but it wasn't a problem for me the light has a wide range of colours. It contains led quantity: 72pcs, including 24 super red 5mm leds, 24 super green 5mm leds, 24 super blue 5mm leds, energy saving. energy saving. high brightness, colorful and romantic lighting effect, it is ideal for disco,
The 1byone stage light comes fitted with a standard UK 13-amp 3-pin plug on the end of a 1.1m main cable it can beat to music as it is sound sensitive an can add that extra something to your occasion I can see that we will be getting a lot of use out of the light in the future.

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ThomasYoung7 09/27/2016
A great light to have!

This is a great light to have, again, like the previous stage light, this one is powerful and can be activated by sound for maximum entertainment. It has different colours and settings to change the the speed of the movement of the actual light and the rotation and different light sequences. Its very easy to use, juts need to plug in to a power source and you are in business. Overall a great light to have ten out of ten for the product and service provided. Thanks

Teresa 09/27/2016
Effective and colourful light display. Quality item and good value. Recommended!

Very effective light display that covers a large area.
Can be either wall mounted or free standing.
Good build quality and choice of either light to sound operation or random display.
I have this light in my small dance studio and find it a great addition to my other lights.
Good value and I have no problem recommending.

I received this item at a discounted price in return for an honest review.
I base my review on value for money at the full price of the item.

Tracy H43 09/26/2016
Fantastic little unit. Static or mobile, it will provide hours of fun and would be a great addition to any party.

I bought this for my son. I have bought him other light shows, but this looked fun and I thought he would like it.
It arrived safely and was on time and presented in a good sturdy box. Have I mentioned that it was heavy? It really is !!!
I turned it on that night and flicked through the settings, and the lights are really powerful. My kitchen was turned into a disco within seconds. The best thing is the power consumption, according to the manufacturer, there is no need to change lamp, it produces low heat, low power consumption and is safe to run all night. I can confirm that running it for about 4 hours, the unit was only ever so slightly warm which was not a worry but I dont like leaving anything running all night, so I unplugged it - because thats my preference.
This is so much fun. Whether you are having a party at home, or the kids just want a bit of fun using the different light, it is hard to beat.
It comes with instructions and a wall bracket in case you want to permanently affix it to a wall, or you can have it free standing, so it is mobile.
It has a setting for sound activation and has to be in the same room as the music, for this to work.
I did note that when the inner workings are rotated, you are aware of a clicking noise, it is not not excessive but it's made by the motor as the internal lights turn around. There is no way of stopping this - other than turn it off ha ha - Probably not the best solution to the problem :-)
There are 2 buttons on the front by the base. One controls the spinning bank of lights and these change to different speeds at the press of a button. The second one operates the sound. The lights dont spin in this mode, but they do randomly flash and the unit picks up 'the sound of music' (No Julie Andrews doesn't make an appearance) and the light show changes to the beat of the music - How fab is that!!.
Overall this is a fantastic little unit. Static or mobile, it will provide hours of fun and would be a great addition to any party. Its robust, has a good weight to it and with the different modes, it really does it all. Right, im off for a boogie..... Cue lights !!!
Would I recommend this to others - Yes definitely without any hesitation. It is great fun and a bonus that it is voice controlled.
I was lucky enough to receive this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and and unbiased review. However, regardless of how I acquired the item, my review sincerely reflects my own opinion, experience and consideration of the product and I genuinely believe it deserves a 5 star rating.I don NOT give FAKE reviews.
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1byone OUKS-0064 Sound Activated LED Rainbow Projector Disco DJ Stage Lighting Colourful LED Light

Oods 09/25/2016
Great fun, more substantial than I expected, expect to get many years occasional use

I got this at a discount for review, I normally only review stuff I really need but this was just something I really wanted because it just looked like great fun.

I thought it would be a relatively flimsy plastic thing but its not, its quite substantial and fully wired with a wall plug (not a wall transformer). It comes with mounting plates and I could see this fixed in position in a pub or part of a professional DJs set up.

The light comes from a rotating bank of different colour LEDs. They aren't dazzlingly bright but they are perfectly pitched for a kids bedroom or a party in a lounge.

I really like this. Its just really good fun and has none of the risks that you get with small children and a lazer based system. You can adjust the speed of rotation and there is a dial that is supposed to align the lights and rotation with the music. Even at the higher settings the music needs to be pretty loud for this to work well but when it does it sort of follows the music

Its not a particularly complicated thing but its got the sort of robust feeling that makes you think you'll get a decade of parties out of it. It's quite dear at full price and I probably would have knocked off a star but at the sale price its a good buy and something you'll use many times.

Phil in Manchester 09/23/2016
Stylish disco ball (tube) which moves to the beat!

Great disco light and moves to the rhythm of the music.

Changes colour.
Spins round.
Keeps to beat.
Small and compact.
Light weight.
Has hole to mount to wall.

I have been using this light for a few parties over the last few weeks and everyone has been commenting on how stylist this disco tube is.

I love it!

Thank you 1byone for allowing me to review

Balbal Hano 09/22/2016
it contains 72 different LEDs in order to give you the best disco lights possible

This is an impressive rainbow LED projector, it contains 72 different LEDs in order to give you the best disco lights possible.The patterns change automatically and it is also energy saving even at high brightnesses. It doesn't heat up and is very easy to use so you can put it any where you want or hang it without any issues. I got this product at a discount from the seller in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own and completely unbiased.

Tracy 09/20/2016
Gorgeous colours

Well after reading some of the reviews about it being very cheap. I was really surprised to see it was actually pretty solid and we'll made. The Led lights are inside a black cage which is shaped in a circle. The led lights are strips of red. Blue. Green. Which can be changed buy turning the bottom switch. You can increase the flashing or switch off the turning dial. The rotating centre goes one way then the other. I bought this for a sensory room it's perfect then only negative is its a wee bit noisy when it's turning. But if your using it for a disco etc it would be fine. I've taken a few photos to try and show you the lights in the dark. I will try to upload a video if I can. I'm pretty impressed with it . I did receive this product at a reduced cost in return for my honest review.

Gary A 09/17/2016
Good value for money and a good performer that can liven up any party.

 -This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review-

Please watch the video unboxing and review of this product. I found this projector to work extremely well giving off a really nice effect which performs well for the price. If you combine this projector with the 1byone rotating disco ball they work really well together and can liven up any party. Good value and good performance. I did notice there was a slight vibration noise from the base which you can see if you view the video but to be honest it is a minor side effect that would be drowned out by the music anyway.

M. Anderson 05/31/2016
Appears Well Made But Not Very Bright

Appears to be well made but not very bright (think LED strips on a rotating spindle). Only suitable for a very small room.

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