1byone 400 Watt Fog Machine with Wired Remote Control, 300ml Tank Capacity

Model: OUKQL-0041   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 29.50   29.50 Free shipping
  • Consumption & Size-400W, Power Sources: input AC 220-240v 50hz, Fog Output: 2000CFM(cubic ft per minute), Outline Size: 250 x 191.5 x 114 mm(9.84 x 7.54 x 4.49 in),Warm-Up Time: 4-5 Minutes. A 6.5 ft.(2M) wired remote included.
  • Material & Safe Wire-8.2ft(2.5M), Fuse: 5A, 125V. Tank Capacity: 300ml(0.079 gal),uses only water based fog juice. CE, RoHS and ETL approval, ABS environmental materials, safer metal wire.
  • Convenient Hose Drain-Features a hose drain for indoor use. Weighs in at 4.7 pound, so it's easy to transport to your gigs.
  • Considerable Thick Fog-Creates enough thick fog to fill a room about two garage size requiring no fans to disperse. Delivers fog density outputs. It is normal if there is condensation on the nozzle of the Fog Machine.
  • Wireless Remote Supported-If you need a remote for special effect or controllable time, purchase our Wireless Remote & Timer Remote.
If you want to decorate your yard with all manners of creepy pieces, the best way to really showcase them is to have your fog machine surround them with its ghostly mist. Hide the machine in a place where it can't be seen and then click the remote to send out a blast of fog when visitors get close.
Is this the fog machine you have been looking for? We have several different kinds of fog machines, timer remote control & new Wireless Remote Controllers, just feel free to choose!

Power Sources: Input AC 220-240v 50hz 
Power Consumption: 400W 
Warm Up Time: 3-5 Minutes 
Tank Capacity: 300ml(0.079 gal) 
Fog Output: 2000CFM 
Output Distance: 2.5M 
Outline Size: 250 x 191.5 x 114mm(9.84 x 7.54 x 4.49 in) 
Fuse: 5A, 125V 

How to Use 
Before using the fog machine, you have to prepare Fog Liquid(not included) 
1.Put this product onto a clean, flat, and solid surface that is close to the power socket 
2.Unscrew the lid on the tank by turning it counterclockwise and pour the Fog Liquid inside. Do not spill Fog Liquid onto the machine body and do not overfill. If liquid gets into the Fog Machine, leave it to be dry completely before plugging in. Do not cut, pinch, or break the tube connected through the tank lid. Screw the lid clockwise to the tank tightly. Always make sure there is enough Fog Liquid in the tank before using the Fog Machine 
3.Connect the machine with corresponding power socket. 
4.Warm-up time is approximately 4-5 minutes. When fully heated, the Wired Control Indication Light will turn on and the Fog Machine will be ready to produce and spray fog 
5.Set the On/Off Switch to On position, the nozzle will start spraying fog. Set it to Off position, spraying will stop 
6.Turn off the machine before refilling the fog machine. 

Safety Warning
Please read through this instructions manual before use.
Power Sources Input AC 220-240V 50Hz
Power Consumption 400W
Warm Up Time 4-5 Minutes
Tank Capacity300ml(0.079 gal)
Fog Output 2000CFM
Output Distance 2.5M
Outline Size 250 x 191.5 x 114mm(9.84 x 7.54 x 4.49 in)
Fuse 5A, 125V
hannah 10/26/2016
Great machine

This machine is amazing it's going be wicked for Halloween can't wait but make sure u cover smoke alarms as it does set them off but it don't drink the liquid that quick we had it running for good 20 mins all so and still load liquid in it very happy .

JP 10/10/2016
This is such a great product for the price

This is such a great product for the price. If you are looking for scary theme for halloween i would buy this. Works best with no wind but still a great purchase. Can also be used at parties to highlight the disco lights

DJ DEMON 08/03/2016
Good value for money

Ideal for a small hall or a house. It won't fill a large room with thick smoke but it would suffice for a thin mist to enhance disco light rays in a large room. Will pump out a good waft of smoke for 20 seconds then require a minute to reheat. Good for mobile DJ or private party. Downsides is that Smoke fluid tank is rather small and as the remotes flick switch has the ability to run on continuous you would need to watch you didn't leave it on and let it pump dry as I imagine you'd burn the pump out if you forgot about it especially as there are no power, heat or pumping lights on machine whatsoever. Just a helpful warning! I am going to knock off a star because I think a power light on a machine like this (that gets hot) is essential for the safety of the consumer

Alex Anderson 05/23/2016
Its a bit foggy

I love it. Great for major performances and halloween. Although it does take some time to heat up and is a little noisy when firing for the price it is unbeatable and the effect of the smoke is fantastic.

BlueBoots Reviews 05/04/2016
Very effective. Almost killed the MD

I bought this machine for work purposes for smoke testing. When I opened it up I thought I would test it out by starting it up in the office whilst the managing director was in the toilet. This puppy sure fired up like a goodun. Before you know it the open planned office was full of smoke and set off the fire alarm. The MD came rushing out the toilet mid turtling in a panic wondering what on earth was happening coughing his lungs out. I was in hysterics. Before he phoned the fire brigade I explained it was a fog machine. What made it worse was there was a high pollen count that day so he was already bunged up and he has asthma so for the rest of the day we had to vent the room. He wasn't happy. I am very happy with this purchase. I haven't used it too much but look forward to using it for commercial reasons.

Mr N R Smith 04/10/2016
Three Stars

Not a bad little machine, a little plastic and lightweight so don't abuse it

Dirk 04/10/2016
Good value - works well

Good value - works well

Eleanor Bell 03/25/2016
Five Stars

My grandson loves this item.

FOTIS Wolseley 03/08/2016
Love it, Buy it!

this fog machine fits its description. It did take several minutes to heat up but I was impressed with its continuous flow time before needing to reheat. I have worked with fog machines for nearly 15 years. I am anxious to see how it handles heavy usage this upcoming season. At this point for the price it is worth it. what more can I say? just great. love it. try it.let's see how it will perform

John Courtier 02/10/2016
Very pleased

Excellent machine, I was surprised how good it was. Perfect for halloween. Easy to use.

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