1byone Bedside Dimmable Touch Sensor Table Lamp With Color Changing

Model: 316UK-0004   |   Brand: 1Byone     
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  • Only A Touch – A simple touch to the top of the lamp allows you to switch light modes, adjust brightness, change colors, and power on/off.
  • Vibrant Light Modes – Supple warm white light with 3 brightness levels and an auto-cycle mode for displaying transforming colors across a 256 RGB spectrum, plus the ability to pause this cycle when you come across the color that speaks to you.
  • Eco Friendly - Low power consumption and a service life of 35,000 hours, which is equal to 4 years of continuous 24-hour-a-day use!
  • Easy on the Eyes – The brightness and hue of the lamp's white light has been adjusted to make it pleasant and relaxing, while the look of the lamp itself will please even when not in use.
  • Portable for Every Occasion- Charged by USB, so unplug and place on a desk for study, the dining table for a romantic dinner, on a blanket an outdoor evening picnic, on the snack table during a fun party, or simply by your bedside.
Creating a Special Atmosphere

1byone Smart LED Atmosphere Lamp's white light mode has been tuned to a warmer hue that is both pleasant on the eyes but still bright enough to fill any space you desire. To create a really special atmosphere, engaged auto-cycle color mode, which seamlessly cycles through a full range of 256 stunning colors. Let this mode continuously cycle for a gorgeous 365 degree display of luminosity, or pause it on the color that perfectly fits your mood, your surroundings, or your festivities.

Easy to Use

Control the lamp's functions all with an elegantly easy touchpad. Touch for 2 seconds to switch between warm white and auto-cycling color modes, and then simply tap to change the white light's brightness or to pause the auto-cycle mode on your desired color.

Compact and Simple Design

At 100*100*160mm (3.9*3.9*6.2inches), this lamp is a perfect size; It's big enough to sturdily sit on any flat surface and adequately light the space around it, yet is also easy to move and place anywhere. And with an internal rechargeable battery, it can be unplugged at any time for use in hard-to-reach areas or even outside.

Eco-friendly & Eye-friendly:

Our energy-efficient lights are designed for low power consumption and will last around 35,000 hours. That's 4 years of continuous 24-hour-a-day use! The intensity of the light has been softened so it's easy on the eyes and less harsh than normal LED lights. Creating a white light with a warmer hue also makes this a great bedside lamp.

For Any Occasion: The compact 1byone Smart LED Atmosphere Lamp fits anywhere, whether in a dorm room, living room, dining table, baby room, or even outside on a patio table or in the garden. It's perfect for any circumstance, from bedside reading to lighting for a house party. It's also a great gift for the next birthday on your calendar.

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