1byone Amplified Digital Indoor TV Aerial,30dB

Model: OUK00-0306   |   Brand: 1Byone     
£ 9.99   9.99
  • Enhance reception by amplifying weak signals with built-in high gain amplifier (30dB gain) and extremely low noise (ELN) circuit.
  • Fast and easy set up with 3 steps - Unwrap, Plug it in and Scan channels.
  • Provide you with opportunities to watch crystal clear digital & HD shows!
  • Can stand on table, or place on any metal materials (such as iron, steel, etc.) for home use or portable / car use.
  • Powered by external power adapter (DC 12V) included.
Set up Guide:

Step 1: Connect the end (IEC- male) of attached coaxial cable to the ANT / IN connector on the back of the TV or DVB-T tuner.
Step 2: Connect the external adapter to the DC jack at the antenna back and plug it to the wall socket. Or you can get the 5V power from antenna receiver through antenna cable.
Step 3: In the TV's setup menu, set the tuner mode to "Aerial" or "Air". Refer to the TV manual for detailed instructions.
Step 4: In the TV's setup menu, set TV to "scan" for channels. This can sometimes be listed as auto-program, auto-scan, channel search or channel scan. Consult the TV manual for detailed instructions
Step 5: If reception is sporadic, try moving the aerial to another location and rescanning the TV until optimal position is found.


1. Placing the aerial higher or close to/in a window may result in better reception. You must rescan whenever you move the aerial.
2. If you use a flat HDTV, pls go through your TV manual to make sure your TV is with built-in tuner for freeview.
3. Make sure you are using a HD receiver; otherwise no HD channels can be picked up. Pls read receiver manual.
4. You should retune your Freeview TVs and digital receiver from time to time to ensure you are receiving all available services. Retuning takes only a few minutes and can be done with your remote control.

Package Contents:

1. Antenna with attached 1.25 meters cable
2. AC / DC power adapter 6V
SKU OUK00-0306
Package Height 11.6 inch/ 295mm
Package Width 31.5 inch/ 80cm
Package Length 5.9 inch/ 150cm
Item Height 1.37 inch/ 35mm
Item Length 11 inch/ 280mm
Item Width 5.51 inch/ 140mm
Item Weight 581 g
Cable Length 1.25 meters
Installation Method Self-stand
Power Source AC, DC
Power supply Via AC/DC adapter (DC 6V/100mA) or via DTV set-top box (DC 5V/40mA)
Connector Gender Male
Enclosure Material PC
Frequency range 87.5-230MHz, 470-790MHz
Receiving range FM/VHF/UHF;
Gain 30dB
Impedance 75Ω
Noise figure ≤3dB
Output level 100dBμV
sasha011 10/25/2016
Compact and works well

I ordered this 1byone Amplified Digital Indoor HDTV Aerial with Built-in Amplifier, 30dB Enhanced Reception, TV Aerial for HDTV / DVB-T Receiver, VHF / UHF / FM, Digital Freeview and Analog TV Signals. Flat Panel Design to use on our television upstairs.

It arrived in its own cardboard box and looked professional.
Like some aerials that are complicated to set up this one is very easy. You simply Plug in, and Scan channels. My husband tried it upstairs and initially it did not work but after placing near a window it worked brilliantly.
It has a black flat panel which as a neutral colour will go with any décor, and it is a slim design so does not take up much room
It is lightweight and has a stand that retracts at the back to stand it up.
Overall my husband is really pleased with this and we can now get more channels on our television upstairs which we are all happy about.
It is a god quality product so we would recommend

Mr. M. J. Topp 10/17/2016
Great stylish indoor aerial, with good performance for your HD Freeview needs.


I am currently located in an area which due to its topography in the immediate area suffers from poor and inconsistent television reception. It is not feasible for us to install a roof aerial and have tried a large attic aerial to no real success and so was looking for a boosted indoor aerial to hopefully allow better reception. The size and aesthetics were also important, and one of the reasons for not trying indoor aerials in the past, as the best ones tended to take up a lot of space we don't have and also look pretty hideous.

Performed Function?:

This aerial looks great, and looks really good on the windowsill without taking up too much space and just blending in to the surroundings. It has allowed us to get a few extra channels when re-scanning the freeview tuner, and has improved the signal quality by about 10-20% across the spectrum. It is still not enough to offer enough consistency in our situation however and we still suffer periodically from some signal loss and subsequent pix-elation and picture breakup. A nice feature is that if your freeview tuner supports it, it can draw its power directly from the tuner eliminating the need for an extra mains plug. Unfortunately our tuner doesn't support this but it is a nice feature never-the-less.

Build Quality:

The unit is made of solid plastic, however despite its lightness it has a certain rigidity to it, and doesn't flex too much under pressure. The hinge which folds out behind like that of a picture frame isn't quite as great however, and doesn't feel like it secures it enough especially on shiny/slipper surfaces. I would of like it to have had a flat base and possibly some rubber feet/strips for grip.


I feel that for the cost this offers great performance in a very aesthetically pleasing container. Even though it did not solve our issue, it definitely improved the situation and offers a clean, portable and flexible solution for our television watching needs. I did receive the aerial at a discount thanks to a voucher code which obviously made it a far more attraction proposition, however after seeing its performance I would say that it would be worth the cost compared to my past experience with similarly priced indoor aerials.

The discount code I received for this product was not in exchange for a review or positive feedback of any kind, and this review is made under my own volition.

joan koch 08/13/2016
its ok but not good enough to get all freeview channels

this 1byone amplified digital
indoor aerial for hdtv.i recently
got a new tv for my bedroom
so i needed a aerial like this.
but even after trying it in different
places in my bedroom i still
couldn't get all the freeview
channels.my nearest tv tower
is less than 8 miles away so
it really should of picked them
all up but sadly it didn't.
i got this product for a discount
for a honest review

Happyman 08/12/2016
Great looking aerial that works well

I purchased this indoor aerial for our upstairs TV that doesn't have an aerial so prior to purchasing this we've only been able to watch DVD's on it.

This kit comes complete with the indoor aerial, coaxial cable and the mains power supply required to power the aerial itself. This is optional I believe and if your TV can provide its own power to it then it isn't needed.

The aerial is extremely easy to set up - You just plug it in and then go through your TV or set top box scanning for the TV/radio channels as you would normally. You may need to reposition it in different areas depending on how strong the signal is in your room.

I also like the look of the aerial - It looks fancy and does the job well.

I would certainly recommend these to others. I am certainly very impressed so far with this product.

Note: I received a sample of this item for a discounted price (or free in some cases) on the understanding that I would leave a review of the item. My review is honest and is either positive/negative based on my own thoughts and hasn't been influenced in any way by the fact I received the product at a discount.

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Sam Brazier 08/03/2016
Would recommend !

This aerial definitely was a needed solution for my mums current setup within the kitchen . The signal would alway cut out and since using this large and wide digital aerial we have had limited problems ever with it disclosed behind the TV. Furthermore it functions as any other aerial would whilst still giving you peace of mind with a reliable brand.
I would recommend and i would buy again if needed. I did receive this product at a discounted price however this has not changed my personal opinion of this product after receiving it.

AG9348 07/26/2016
Good reception, compact and well made

This item was supplied in good quality retail packaging complete with a mains adaptor and well written instructions. Very easy to set up, you simply plug in the mains adaptor to the device and wall socket, connect the aerial wire to the TV and scan for channels. When placed on a window sill next to my TV it worked well and all channels were detected with no signal break up. The only minor criticism I have is that the aerial wire is slightly shorter than I would have preferred at only 1.2m and is hard to route with a wall mounted TV. Other than that this is a good unit and it works far better than a One4All aerial I recently bought that would not find any channels and had to be returned and cost more.

I have received this item either for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review. All comments are my own and I always point out any negatives I encounter during the review process. If, in future, there are any issues with this product then I will update this review accordingly.

riccardo 07/25/2016
Awesome indoor TV aeria for a bargain price!l

This digital indoor TV aerial from 1byone arrived in a nice retail box with the company's logo on the front, specs on the back and instructins on the side of the box.

I bought this digital aerial as a last resort to capt some channels for my free-view box in my rented house. My house has a large aerial on the roof but I have never managed to pick up more than a hand full of channels and I had to re-tune every few days just to get those.
When this aerial arrived I plugged it in straight away, re-tuned my television and I managed to get many channels, more than I've had with any other aerial.
The aerial is well made of a nice and durable plastic and looks really good. I have placed my aerial behind the television, it doesn't look out of place or intrusive at all and works really well.
I would totally recommend this indoor aerial if you are looking for a definitive solution, as this aerial from 1byone combines quality and style while keeping it at an affordable price.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review.
I know people can be skeptical with reviews left by people whom have received items discounted or free, but I am not affiliated with Amazon or the seller and this doesn't influence my feedback in any way so if I find an item needs improvement then I will give my full honest opinion.

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Thank you for reading.

Richard 07/14/2016
Works great easy set up

Inside the box you get an Antenna main unit with coaxial cable and an AC/DC power adapter. The product is made of good quality matt black, lightweight, hard plastic and has the same dimensions as a desktop computer keyboard.
This product has an unique design for an Antenna in that it folds open and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically. It has a permanently fixed cable protruding from the 'Output DC IN from STB' fixing and a power supply port.

Reading the instructions they are clear and concise and are presented in text form with corresponding diagrams. Unlike many other instruction manuals that I have followed over the years they have everything in the correct order and do not include additional detail just to 'bulk up' the book

when it comes to the set-up you have the option to follow 2 different routes but to get to the point, if your set-top box cannot support a coaxial cable 5V DC then you must choose option 2. I choose option 1 and ended up a) connecting the Antenna to the digital box b) connecting the Digital Box to the TV and d) turning everything on.

If you read the box that it comes in and believed that it was an 'Outdoor Antenna' you would be confused as to why the cables are not long enough and would only realise your error when you find out that it's actually an indoor antenna.

I then placed the antenna the entire length of the cable away next to the window and programmed my TV to locate the channels that it could detect nearby. 10 minutes latter after it found a number of different channels it produced a very good picture quality screen with no interference.

It works great so i have to give it 5 Stars based on my experience.
I bought this for a dscounte dprice but it is an honest review of my experience,should things change i will update

patrick mc gonigle 06/30/2016

I bought this digital aerial as a last ditch attempt to get free view in my rented house. My house has a large aerial on the roof but I've never managed to pick up more than a hand full of channels and I had to retune every few days just to get those. When my new aerial arrived I plugged it in straight away, retunned my television and I had hundreds of channels, more than I've had with any other aerial. Ive bought another for my television downstairs as I was so happy with this. When I'm out of the house I switch my television off at the plug to save power and I was worried if I unplugged the aerial it would need re tuning every time I switched it on, however it did not so I'm really happy with it in this respect. deffinatly . The aerial is well made and looks good. I have placed mine behind the televison, it doesn't look out of place or intrusive at all and works really well, I was worried that being close to the to would effect the signal strength but it is working perfectly. The aerial looks really good and I am happy to have it out on display, not like the bunny ears one or antennas which look really out of place next to a snazzy tv. All in all I am really happy with this aerial and would recommend it for sure.

received the product for a discount. for honest feedback

David H 06/30/2016
Great Aerial

Thanks for taking time to read my review of 1byone Amplified Digital Indoor TV Aerial for HDTV / DVB-T Receiver, VHF / UHF / FM, Digital Freeview and Analog

At last an indoor aerial which will pick up all the Freeview channel in my area, slim and stylish. Comes with its own power supply

Folds flat for storage

I received this item for a discounted price for a fair, honest and unbiased review. I try to work with items I need so I can provide a review based on a real trial, thus my opinions and experiences are an actual true reflection of my experience with the product. I hope my review helps you in your purchase decisions. :)

* ------- Please Note ——— *

I work hard to have detailed, helpful reviews. Because many of the products I review have been discounted, I'm required to review them within a certain time frame. This means that I cannot provide details of the long term benefits of a product. However, I still try to supply as much information as I can in terms of my initial experiences of the product, If you don't feel my review has been helpful, please don't click that it wasn't. Rather leave me a comment explaining WHY it wasn't helpful, so I can know how to improve my reviews for the future. And if you do like my review, please do click the button that says it was helpful.

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