Super Flat HD Amplified Antenna

SKU#: ODE00-0542
  • Free for lifetime - no longer need to pay for cable or satellite fees! It can receive all the high-definition programs smoothly, 1byone Antenna receive local weather, series, children's and sports shows, no monthly fees or contracts. Just plug in and connect to the TV without any connection or configuration problems!
  • Better reception - Supports VHF / UHF / FM. Frequency: VHF 87.5-230MHz, UHF 470-790MHz. Maximum distance of the largest DVB-T tower: 40Km.
  • Easy installation - unpack, connect, start search. Finished! Transmits full HD 1080p television programs, as far as available in your area.
  • Space-saving and customizable - Extremely thin and small. Dimension: 238x138x0.7mm. You can stick the antenna to the wall or the window so that it does not limit the reception of the antenna.
  • Flexible - 4m antenna cable allows for flexible mounting, allowing you to easily find the best antenna location and best reception. Especially suitable for customers whose TV sets are positioned further away from the window.

1byone TV Aerial HD 1080P Amplified Antenna Super Flat DVB T Indoor Antenna for DVB T / DVB T2 compatible TV Antenna

No costs for cable connection

This is not just a unique indoor antenna - it's the entrance to a permanent HDTV at no additional cost. Receive ZDF, RTL, ProSieben, Sat.1, DMAX, etc. directly from the air.<br>

Easy to install

  1. Connect the male end of the coaxial cable to the ANT-IN connector on the TV or DVB-T tuner.<br>
  2. In the TV settings, select Receive via "Antenna" or "Air". For more information, refer to your TV's instruction manual.<br>
  3. Place the antenna in an optimal position (preferably near a window)<br>
  4. In the settings of the TV, select "Channel Search" or "Channel Scan"<br>

Easy to place

With 3M tape, you are free to place the antenna. So you can choose the best place to receive!

1) Stick to the wall

2) Stick to the window

3) Hidden behind the TV

4)Hiding behind a cupboard or shelf

5) If the reception signal is weak or the distance to the next tower, especially in rural areas, is to buy our recommended 1byone indoor antenna amplifier!<br>

Reliable customer service guarantee!

At 1byone we stand by our products and offer a 24-month manufacturer's warranty on all items purchased from us. If you have any problem with the product, please contact us at any time. Our highest priority is that you are satisfied with our product!<br>


1x HDTV indoor antenna (with 4 meter cable)

2x 3M double sided tape

1x user manual

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