Super Thin HDTV Aerial with Included Stand

SKU#: 200UK-0006
  • Free for Life - Never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees again! The 1byone Omni-directional HDTV Aerial can pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids and sports programs in full HD.
  • Elegant Circular Hollow Design- Circular antenna can receive Omni-directional freeview tv signal; you can hung antenna on the back of TVs or from any hook by the hollow design; Reversible white/black color fits any home decoration.
  • Easier Setup - Our included 3-meter coaxial cable, stand and 3M stickers make it easy for you to place the antenna almost anywhere for the best reception in your house. Fast and easy setup in 3 steps - Unwrap, Plug in, and Scan channels.
  • Full HDTV and VHF/UHF/FM Receiving - Recceives signals from far away broadcast towers, delivering full 1080p HD to any digital-ready TV. VHF: 47-230MHz;UHF: 470-790MHz
  • Built-in 4G LTE Filter - Blocks all 3G and 4G signals from mobile phones, tablets, wireless networks, and mobile phone transmitters to ensure noise-free digital TV reception.

1byone Super Thin HDTV Aerial with Included Stand, Omni-directional TV Aerial for VHF/UHF/FM Reception, Indoor TV Antenna with 3-Meter Coaxial Cable - Black

Set up Guide: 
Step 1: Connect the end (IEC- male) of attached coaxial cable to ANT / IN connector at the back of the TV or DVB-T tuner. 
Step 2: In the TV's setup menu, set the tuner mode to "Aerial" or "Air". Refer to the TV manual for detailed instructions. 
Step 3: In the TV's setup menu, set TV to "scan" for channels. This can sometimes be listed as auto-program, auto-scan, channel search or channel scan. Consult the TV manual for detailed instructions. 
Step 4: If reception is sporadic, try moving the aerial to another location and rescanning the TV. 
Step 5: Placing the aerial high on the wall or close to a window may have better reception. 

1. If you use a flat HDTV, please go through your TV manual to make sure your TV has built-in tuner. 
2. Every time you move the aerial, you will rescan the TV to ensure you are receiving all available services. Retuning takes only a few minutes. 

TV Aerial Specification: 
1. Frequency Range: 47-230MHz, 470-790MHz 
2. Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF 
3. lmpedance: 75Ohm
4. Power Supply: passive

Package Contents: 
1. Aerial main unit with attached 3-meter cable 
2. Aerial stand 
3. 3M stickers 
4. Instruction Manual. 

Buyer Guarantee 
We stand behind our products 100% with a 12-month warranty. Please note that freeview reception is dependent upon environmental factors so we cannot guarantee signals can be received on all conditions.

has anybody used this instead of an outdoor aerial successfully in a BT infinity box?

This antenna can't work with network/Wifi, you can connect it directly to your TV.

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